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  1. Marie5656

    Teacher Wants To See My Hedgehog

    Would it be an option to invite your teacher to visit you at home to see Sonic? Or is your not that kind of relationship?
  2. Marie5656

    Trixie the Chinchilla

    I was reminded of this poem..written for a cat loss, but I adapted it..God Asked the Chinchilla Spirit And God asked the chinchilla spirit "Are you ready to come home?" "Oh, yes, quite so," replied the precious soul. "And as a chinchilla, you know I am most able To decide anything for...
  3. Marie5656

    Trixie the Chinchilla

    I am sad to announce the passing of Trixie the chinchilla over to the Rainbow Bridge on Wednesday, May 29th in the afternoon. Her illness got the better of her, and she is now free of pain and suffering. She was almost 9 years old, and we were her proud parents for all but the first 6 months of...
  4. Marie5656

    Have not been here in forever...

    Well, sadly, Trixie left us on Wednesday afternoon. I will be writing a proper memorial for her in the memorial section here. :cry4: It was definatly a resp. problem. My husband is very saddened as he felt he was at fault for moving her cage and putting her in a bigger draft. I have assured...
  5. Marie5656

    Have not been here in forever...

    ...for various reasons, mainly work related. I still have Trixie, she is 8 1/2 now. Mainly been doing pretty well. Past few weeks I have been noticing some different behavior. There have been no changes in her diet. Still feeding Oxbow, giving her hay cubes and loose hay. Using Blue Cloud...
  6. Marie5656

    Chinchillas are supposed to like hammocks... right?

    I bought Trixie a fleece tent to replace her old worn out hammock, which she loved. For several weeks she would go sit by it..or in front of it, but would not get in. She even tried to crawl underneath it (I had a wide legde under hammock, she'd sometimes sleep there.) Now, she is in it all...
  7. Marie5656

    Silly question, but what is the strangest place you have found chin poop?

    Several plces, in my hair, my bra, in a shirt pocket.Grossest place was in my ear. I do not EVEN want to know how that got there.
  8. Marie5656

    Chin digging in his pellets

    Trixie will sometimes do that, seeming to be digging for just the right piece. She does it with erh hay too. Before Trixie I had a guinea pig named Scooter. His food dish was a shallow heavy plastic bowl. Scooter would reach over top, grab the side furthest from him, and upend the bowl so it...
  9. Marie5656

    Got this Bizarre Email.....

    Do you still have the email in your box? Check the headers to see the actual ISP of origin. I'd start there, just to see if they can track the sender. If nothing else, it would launch a red flag. Sadly there is probably not much else you can do with out the actual city and state (or country)...
  10. Marie5656

    New Chinchilla Barking

    Hi there, and welcome to life with chins. You will find that many here have chins who bark in their sleep. Makes us wondering what they are dreaming of. The barking can be an alarm call..calling out to others, checking the surroundings. Huddling in the corner is not unusually if the are in an...
  11. Marie5656

    Where To Buy Rosehips?

    I go to our local Natural Food store and buy them in bulk. I do not buy a lot, as Trixie dies not seem crazy about them. But She seems to enjoy the very occasional one. The work especially if I want her to sit for a picture.
  12. Marie5656

    My chin barking

    Makes me kind of wonder what they are dreaming of. I kind of wonder if it is like when you see a sleeping dog "running" in its sleep, like it is chasing something.
  13. Marie5656

    My chin barking

    Welcome to the world of chinchilla vocalizing!! Barking is also known as an "alarm" call. Not to be worried about. It means your chin is calling out to the others in its pack. In this case, that means you. LOL. You will find that many of our chins bark in their sleep as well. Best thing...
  14. Marie5656

    Saw something sad today..

    I am sure many of you have seen photos on the web of animals standing watch over a stricken companion who had been hit by a car or some such thing. Well, today, I actually saw it..wish I could have taken a photo. Was driving out of a parking lot today and saw a couple cars ahead of me slow down...
  15. Marie5656

    Chins and children

    When my neighbor's grandkids wanted to come see Trixie I invited them over and observed them interacting with her first. I reminded them of "indoor voices" and showed them how to skritch her chin first. I let the oldest (about 12) hold her once Trixie was used to them. I was a bit uneasy...
  16. Marie5656

    Trixie and the Fourth

    Actually I am not surprised..she has always liked music and sparkly things in TV.
  17. Marie5656

    Some people.

    Cripes..If I asked for my money back every time Trixie has nipped at me over the last 6 years, I would be rich. Usually it is just because I have startled her or pissed her off. Sometimes they just do not want to be handled or held. We just have to figure them out. I remember when I first...
  18. Marie5656

    Trixie and the Fourth

    Well, I was planning to take Trixie out this evening...but right now I have the Capitol Fourth special on TV and she has been sitting there mezmerized by it..has been fixated and tail wagging practically since it started. LOL Guess we can take a night off from playing.
  19. Marie5656

    can chinchillas be around candles?

    I have done scented oils, candles and incense as well as those room refresher things from Febreeze. Trixie has had no issues. I always keep the scented items across the room from her cage..and never in her playroom as I do not want her chewing them.
  20. Marie5656

    Do you chins hate to be touched at certain spots?

    I know Trixie has never liked being touched on her back...I will get a really loud KAK if I try.