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    Fleece Themes

    Thank you both! After looking at fleece for hours upon hours, (even during many lunch breaks at work), I finally decided on 2.
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    Painting Cage Bars?

    I decided to not repaint them. I was afraid he'd chew on the bar. It was mostly corners from where Shiloh liked to pee outside his cage rather than inside one of his many litter pans. Cage is put back together, fully function and Gizmo is loving it.
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    Fleece Themes

    I'm re-doing 2 of my cages and that means new fleece patterns. Having problems finding ones I like for a boy, for one reason or another. So looking for a little inspiration.... What is your fleece theme? Pictures greatly appreciated.
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    chin spin in a superpet cage?

    I had a chin spin in a Super Pet cage (same kind Dawn pictured) and it worked fine. Didn't break any bars. Now I've Silver Surfers in them. They are lighter weight and don't take up as much room.
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    Painting Cage Bars?

    I've got an cage where the coating/paint has come off the cage bars I was wondering if it was safe to repaint the bars or not. If so, should a certain type of paint be used?
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    Kiwi Twigs / Sticks Available

    How much will fit into a small flat rate box?
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    Only Bark for heavy chewer

    If you have another chin who chew the whole stick and not just the bark, you can also pass the ones he's finished with so they aren't going to waste. I don't mean just give the other chin his leftovers, give this chins new toys too. Have you tried dying with unflavored kool-aid after he chews...
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    Rip Chico

    So sorry for you loss. RIP Chico
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    R.I.P Felix

    After not eating and acting himself, I took him to the e-vet. He was sent home. Within a few hours I was rushing him to UT Veterinary Medical Center. (Full story and updates... ) Yesterday, I decided to end his pain and suffering. Felix went to the rainbow bridge to...
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    Why is it so hard to get a hold of? It seems like no one is selling it anymore.
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    Random Items Up for Grabs

    How many loofahs fit in a padded envelope?
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    Wood Suppliers

    As a lot of the chin supply stores have been shutting down lately, I'm clueless who is selling what. I used to order mulberry from yummychinchillatoys, but I guess she is no longer taking orders. :( Also, I don't know some of the newer suppliers. So I was wondering... Where does everyone...
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    Degu! Degu! Degu!.

    I don't currently but I raised a pair of sisters. Lily passed away not long ago, at almost 7, but I'm willing to help.
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    Reusing shelves after death?

    He died suddenly. I was cleaning cages and finished his cage about 2:30am, he took a bath, ran his wheel, etc. He was fine. Went back into the room about 4:30am to check on everyone before bed and he had passed. I don't know what happened. I had a necropsy done but it was inconclusive. His vet...
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    Reusing shelves after death?

    Is it safe to reuse wood shelves after the death of a chin. If so, how should they be cleaned, etc. I'm taking apart the cage of a chin who passed away earlier this month and was going to toss the shelves out but my dad ask me why not reuse them in some of my other cages, or in a cage upgrade...
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    Fleece liners that wrap around bass pans??

    I've not seen anything. Have your thought about getting poo guards for the bottom of the Cage to go around it and just using shavings?
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    I want one of these!!

    MaveRick has a pillow that he loves in the same way. My niece saw these over the summer and said I should order him one and name it Penelope.
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    Chinchilla Kisses.

    Luna isn't giving kisses or grooming. Squeak, Gizmo and Chase will groom, but no kisses. MaveRick will groom sometimes, depending on his mood. Never kisses. Pip will give kisses and groom. Shiloh, who recently passed, would groom and give kisses sometimes.
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    Changing Routine

    Quality of pellets, hay, etc won't change. They will have those items at their disposable at all times. They also always have toys to keep them busy. I haven't switched their routine just yet as I've been busy and haven't had time to read responses until now. I recently lost 2 pets suddenly...
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    could i use this for my chins?

    The first one doesn't say what type of wood is used for the ladder part. The coconut is safe but to small for a chin to get into, so as stated above, not good for much more than a hay holder. Personally, without knowing what the ladder is made of I wouldn't use it. The second one looks...