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  1. shaeway

    Looking for breeder or rescue near San Antonio TX

    Are you looking for a pet for your children or for yourself and significant other?
  2. shaeway

    Wags tail like a puppy

    Moche does it when he is yelling at the other boys that are out for play time and he is not.
  3. shaeway


    So I MAY have to fumigate my house for bugs, not rodents. My question is how to ensure my chin room is chin safe afterwards. I am pretty sure I'm going to have to take their cages and all other things chin out, but what about the room? Meaning floors, walls and the few pieces of furniture that...
  4. shaeway

    Pottery hide aways

    Thanks everyone!
  5. shaeway

    Pottery hide aways

    So I have some old terra cotta flower pots out in the yard. They've been sitting for years, collecting dust, cobwebs and what not. My question is, after washing them in hot soapy water, they should be perfectly fine to put in the cages, shouldn't they? At least I'm guessing I should wash them...
  6. shaeway

    Cages by AZChins???

    My specialty AZchins cage is wonderful. I got one made that was bigger than most cages. I had two boys in it and they LOVED it. (I had hoped the other two boys I got could cohabitat...but nooooo) Since they all fight now, Shadow is the sole owner of the big cage. They don't have any problems...
  7. shaeway

    Trapped chin

    Thank you for talking with me earlier Susan! It was great catching up! As for my little furball: He definitely seems fine. I still don't know how he managed to flip it. Maybe he moved it onto loose hay so it wobbled when he rolled....maybe he wanted to mess with my emotions.
  8. shaeway

    Trapped chin

    There wasn't a whole lot of dust in there. maybe half a cup at the most. He's acting fine. Running amuck in the cage for a shredded wheat, just pulled all the hay out of the hay bin, so I think he's ok. There is no telling how long he was in there, two hours, 8 or 30 min. I will be watching...
  9. shaeway

    Trapped chin

    I left the dust bowls in with the boys last night. Point is somehow Moche flipped his and got trapped under it. He was in a glass bowl that was semi sealed, because the dust piled up under him and blocked the opening, worst case scenario, from 9pm till 4pm. I got him out, checked for external...
  10. shaeway

    Chin Brain Teaser

    :laughitup: That just made me laugh out loud at work...everyone is looking at me and I'm still laughing.
  11. shaeway

    I am a big mean chin bully

    That is a good move, unless your chin can work a drill...Mine have their own room, but even so the little devils manage to knock down food bowls or shake cages till I shut the door. Lol my boyfriend can't sleep through the barking though. He wakes up everytime asking me WTF is that noise. It...
  12. shaeway

    A cute picture

    Lol do any of them actually get any dust or do they use each other's fur?
  13. shaeway

    chins playing with other pets

    My cats sneak into the chin room on occasion, but I do my best to keep them out of there. I'm not worried about disease or attacks so much as the stress to the chinchillas. But I agree with anyone that says you never can tell. Teddy escaped one day while I was at school. I found him in shock...
  14. shaeway


    He is adorable!!!
  15. shaeway

    ~Caption Fun Thread~
  16. shaeway

    New Ladies

    Zaftig and Podgy. Or maybe Podgica...Bouffantica?
  17. shaeway

    Favorite Chin Treats

    My boys go nuts for shredded wheats. They all have a habit of dropping the one they have to try and get two. Sneaky. Very sneaky. They also love rosehips, but Shadow and Teddy have to have the empty ones while Moche and Syd like them whole. Cheerios are a big hit too. All sticks are good, but...
  18. shaeway

    ~Caption Fun Thread~

    Lovins & Freckles: What's the password? Whiskers: Triticum aestivum. L & F: Frosted or shredded? W: Man...I can NEVER remember that part....
  19. shaeway

    Am I the only one...

    Lol I get asked where they come from, a rabbit and a squirrel/rat/guinea pig cross breed? I usually laugh and say that yes, all four together at once. And I also get the pelt question. I say yes after I butcher my cats for stew. I get some wierd looks but most people catch on.
  20. shaeway

    How do breeding-chins live?

    I have never read the debate about hay. lol I feel so much better now because there are sometimes when I run out and just can't get to the store or order any for financial reasons. And I would be mortified if my babies don't live into their late teens seeing as that's why I got chins and not...