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  1. greychins

    Various Items for Sale

    All water bottles are sold!
  2. greychins

    Fleece vs bedding?

    I have fleece for my rescue cages (6 double FNs), and the rest of my cages/runs are on shavings. While I like the fleece, I seem to be constantly washing it, vacuuming up poos, changing it out. With me having a rescue, there's people coming by all the time, so it doesn't only have to look...
  3. greychins

    Please help!!! I dont know whats wrong!!

    Oh ok, that makes sense. It's always possible the pet store had her with a male -- many of them have no idea how to sex chins, or really, any of their small animals. Do you have a gram scale you can use to weigh her? If you do, any chance you weighed her when you got her, so maybe you have...
  4. greychins

    Please help!!! I dont know whats wrong!!

    How much weight has she gained? Do you know? If you have a male chin and she's been around him, you should be prepared for her to be pregnant. And, in my personal opinion, a you seem like maybe you should do a bit more research before any more breeding goes on, especially if you don't have...
  5. greychins

    Various Items for Sale

    SOLD items --large purple ceramic chin bath house --ceramic bowl in pic 13
  6. greychins

    Rescue Chins Looking for New Homes

    Hi all, NWI Chinchilla Rescue has some chins looking for forever homes. These are all rescues: Snickers -- 5 year old standard grey female -- born 4/21/2009 -- was a breeder before she came to the rescue after a few homes -- friendly but barks when you go to pick her up -- good "first chin"...
  7. greychins

    Various Items for Sale

    Pic 13 (chin safe item is the bowl - $1) Pic 14 - 16 oz plastic water bottles -- ok if your chin doesn't chew plastic -- $1 each Pic 15 -- dusters - $1.50 each
  8. greychins

    Various Items for Sale

    Maybe it's just my computer, but pics aren't showing up.... Pic 5 Pic 9 Pic 10 Pic 11 Pic 12
  9. greychins

    Various Items for Sale

    I used to list these sort of used items on my webstore, but the time spent listing them versus the money made.... not worth it. So I'm listing them here for a short period of time before they all get recycled or pitched (except food bowls/water bottles). I also have items for other animals...
  10. greychins

    420 Chinchillas Rescued

    Would that be the ECBC Breeder? I don't belong to ECBC and the shows aren't close enough for it to be practical that I join... would anyone be nice enough to somehow scan it for me or somehow otherwise get me a copy?
  11. greychins

    420 Chinchillas Rescued

    I think what's driving me the most nuts about this is the posts from people on facebook about how the chinchillas were rescued from "those horrible tiny cages." I have my large double FNs for the rescue chins, and I have my runs. I mean, how else would you keep large numbers of chins for...
  12. greychins

    What are safe for chinchillas to chew on?

    If you don't like the sound of them chewing, IMO, chinchillas are not the pet for you. They are rodents, they have continuously growing teeth and NEED things to chew on to wear them down. Wood is the #1 thing they chew on. Nothing else is going to wear their teeth down as good as wood...
  13. greychins

    Excess Protein Causing GI probs

    Wow. I really don't know enough to comment about your chinny's problems, but I can recommend a probiotic. This is the one I use - 14 billion live bacteria. I've always bought it from GNC, they usually have...
  14. greychins


    Got an email this morning from someone with questions on chins... and most of em I could handle, but then they asked, could a chin have dried organic lemongrass leaf (like from a herb store)? That I don't know. I've never heard of it used, but then, I've learned a lot of new things on here...
  15. greychins

    Grreat Choice Pine Bedding Safe?

    I use pine bedding & shredded paper bedding. Due to allergies and asthma of my own, I try to stay away from pine, but that's not always possible. I frequent rat, guinea pig, rabbit boards/sites as well, due to occasionally getting those animals in at the rescue... seems part of the reason (as...
  16. greychins

    Question About The Saucer

    I have about equally saucers and chin spins at the rescue... the chin spins are used exponentially more. That said... all my chins spins were purchased... versus I got all but one saucer donated to the rescue... due to people's chins not using em. Some of those people said they left the...
  17. greychins

    Where can you get fleece by the yard the cheapest?

    I try to hit up Joann's when they have the fleece 50% off and also have a coupon for 25% off your order. Or if you know a senior citizen, occasionally they have senior citizen day (I drag in my mother) and then it's an extra percentage (I think 20%) off your order....
  18. greychins

    What do you guys think of Mazuri pellets?

    Been using Mazuri for 10 years. My chins have never had a problem with it, though I've had a few rescues come in that don't do well on it (loose poos). But we're talking a handful of chins out of several hundred, so that's not a concern for me....
  19. greychins

    Sick Chin?!

    If he's wheezing, I'd definitely take him to the vet. Respiratory infections can be deadly if not caught and treated early enough. IMO, sneezing is only ok like after a dust bath, or here and there, like how we might sneeze from dust. If it's a lot of sneezing for no reason, likely means...
  20. greychins

    cage buy?

    The cage you linked to... I have one here that I use for babies if I'm absolutely out of other cage space... but it's tiny. I wouldn't want to put an adult in there unless I had no other reason to. And for the price, you could find better cages, even in the pet stores. Here are two cages...