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  1. Jenn

    Need Help: Fundraising for rescue chin dental exam.

    I'm so sorry she lost her battle before you were able to do more for her than you already have. I'm glad she found you, so she did get to experience a real home and family in her final days. Big hugs to you!
  2. Jenn

    To roam or not to roam

    I can't respect this decision because it is very irresponsible. It's like letting a toddler roam around unattended in your home...just because trouble hasn't found him yet, doesn't mean that will always be the case. The more often your chin is left to roam around on his own, the braver he will...
  3. Jenn

    Hello from New Jersey!

    Hi and welcome to the forum! Have fun with your new chin!
  4. Jenn

    Hello from North Carolina

    Hi and a warm welcome to you!
  5. Jenn

    Hello from Utah

    Hi and welcome! We're happy to have you here!
  6. Jenn

    Hello, I'm Claire from Scotland :)

    Hi and welcome! Time and patience is definitely the key, as well as spending as much time with them at their cage as you can. They are adorable!!!
  7. Jenn

    Ice cubes as treats?

    I would also worry about the ice melting and leaving a puddle. As already mentioned, you don't want your chinnie in water. There are so many better, more suitable chew sticks and toys for chinnies to chew on, that your chin would like. I would stick to those.
  8. Jenn

    Hello! From Lincolnshire, UK :)

    Hi and welcome! Have fun with your girls!!!
  9. Jenn

    Hey Everyone!

    Good luck getting anything done now! LOL. Your little friend my keep you distracted more than you thought; they are very addicting! We are happy to have you here! Congrats on you fur-baby!
  10. Jenn

    Whose Birthday is 10/15/13?

    LYNN! I hope you have an incredible day! Happy Birthday!!!
  11. Jenn

    Good morning everyone

    Hi and welcome! I hope you find the perfect chinnie for your son!
  12. Jenn


    Hi and welcome! Read through the hedgie section, and then if you still have any specific questions, we can certainly help. I don't have a hedgie, but would love to someday. They are so adorable!
  13. Jenn

    Rescued chin! Need help!

    Chins can take a while to settle down in a new environment. She may be a little too skittish to eat yet. Have plenty of hay provided for her, in addition to a quality chin pellet. She may also want to disregard her food because it isn't the usual junk she is used to. Be persistent, but...
  14. Jenn

    Hello All

    Hi Ann! You are the perfect chin owner! They must be thoroughly spoiled! :)
  15. Jenn


    Hi there, and welcome! Have fun with your chinnie! They are so highly addicting!
  16. Jenn

    Hi from Bradford UK

    Hi and welcome! It's great that you are doing your research now. Hope you can get your chinnie friend in the near future!
  17. Jenn

    Sin City

    Hi and welcome! Good luck with your new hedgie!
  18. Jenn

    Help! Pellet stuck in chinchilla anus?

    I'm hoping someone can help you out, but in the meantime, I would make an appt. for your chin to see an knowledgeable vet. Chins are pooping machines, and less poop can certainly indicate a problem. Chins shouldn't have any raisins, and taking them out of the diet is good. Can you feel your...
  19. Jenn

    Hello from Illinois!

    Hi and welcome!!! Congrats on your hedgie friend!
  20. Jenn

    new fr California