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  1. Brandon

    Gizmo <3

    Wow, he's a nice colour!
  2. Brandon

    My Binx.

    We loved you too! Already joined! :)
  3. Brandon

    Finally a nicer cage for my chins

    Love those cages. Looks good!
  4. Brandon

    My Binx.

    Thank you guys so much. You don't know how much your posts mean to me. Unfortunately, I will not own another chinchilla anytime soon. Life isn't going to be stable enough for the next few years- I am moving to Portugal in September for a year, and afterwards heading to university in England...
  5. Brandon

    My Binx.

    This is a hard one. I was quite active on this forum for quite awhile, and met so many amazing people. I want to apologize and update all of you. I have been suddenly inactive for a year or so. During my hiatus, I often thought about the great people and their chins that I had spoken to and...
  6. Brandon

    Please vote for my friend!

    She won, thanks you guys! And I've been in Paris, going back on the 26th!
  7. Brandon

    Please vote for my friend!

    Hey guys; I'm so sorry for not being too active, I've been away in France! :D I'm back now, but my first post- please go to the link below Scroll to the bottom of the page, and vote for Melanie Mendonca please!!! She's my friend in a dance competition; if she wins...
  8. Brandon


    I love your cage themes! :D
  9. Brandon

    Clean cage + a camera = pictures!

    Doesn't everyone?! + their chins!
  10. Brandon

    This is what I see when I lay in bed at night!

    Laurie I am so glad to see your chins are doing well! Long time no speak!
  11. Brandon

    Mysterious and persistent eye watering

    I personally find holding him steady and dropping a couple drops of saline through a dropper works best for me. :) Yes, Binx is quite squirmish and doesn't favor being held either and it can be challenging but after awhile they get used to it if youre gentle and pick them up slowly, not chasing...
  12. Brandon

    Mysterious and persistent eye watering

    I'll start doing the saline thing and see if it helps. Also, I do wash my liners in allergy free, non-scented detergent. The vet did say try saline so I will start it back up again. Thank you! :)
  13. Brandon

    Mysterious and persistent eye watering

    I use Blue Cloud with a fleece liner. We treated him for months on end but nothing seemed to work. :(
  14. Brandon

    Clean cage + a camera = pictures!

    Sorry, here they are! :
  15. Brandon

    Clean cage + a camera = pictures!

    Here's some recent pictures of Binx I have promised you guys, enjoy!
  16. Brandon

    Mysterious and persistent eye watering

    Oh, also- we have had an x-ray that turned out to be normal.
  17. Brandon

    Just for fun

    ADORABLE! How in the world do you get them to stay still!?
  18. Brandon

    Oh how I wish

    Haha, they always seem to find the most uncomfortable-looking positions for sleep!
  19. Brandon

    Sometimes, you just have to wonder...

    Cute! I love that tongue shot!
  20. Brandon

    Tribble madness!

    How adorable, you have such a character!