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  1. Sovay

    25 lb Mazuri Chin Food

    Anyone in the DE/PA/NJ/MD area need a bag of 25 lb Mazuri food? I paid $25 for it. $5 and it's yours. Pick up only. If you run a rescue for chins or other small pets you can have it for free. Nothing wrong with it, I just have one chinchilla, and want to use smaller bags.
  2. Sovay

    Care for Old Chinchilla

    Yes!! I need to think that way :)
  3. Sovay

    Care for Old Chinchilla

    Thank you so much for your replies tunes and ticklechin! I will contact Tanya and see what she suggests.
  4. Sovay

    Care for Old Chinchilla

    Hi all, I've got a chinchilla who will be turning 17 this year. I'm starting to notice that he's not quite the spring chicken he once was. He's still healthy and active though! He's eating, drinking, pooping perfectly fine. his coat has seen better days but I suppose that's just his age. A...
  5. Sovay

    Old chin with fluid in rectum

    Hi all, This evening I was checking on my chinchilla and I noticed his bottom was swollen and wet. He also was acting a little lethargic. I took him to the exotic animal vet who looked him over today and said that the swollen-ness on his bottom was from an accumulation of fluid in the bowel and...
  6. Sovay

    Seizure in older chin

    My 16 year old chin had a really scary seizure this morning. I found him writhing on the floor of his cage, twitching and thrashing. I honestly thought he had fallen and broke his spine because he had no use of his legs at all. I scooped him up and held him crying while I called my fiancé to...
  7. Sovay

    New dog + chins

    We just got our first dog, and we want to train her to leave the chinchillas alone straight from the beginning. She's part border collie, so we're wary about her becoming fixated on the movement and want to curb that right away. On walks, she hasn't chased squirrels (yet) so that's a good sign...
  8. Sovay

    FN upgrade?

    oh oh OH! That is definitely what I want. The ferret forum said it can be easily done by taking out a wall panel and using zip ties. Anyone on here try this? Want to share some beautiful pictures please please??
  9. Sovay

    My Chinnies new cage+Updates

    What kind of cage is this? Love the accessories. They look super fun. Where did you get the hanging fleece thing in the bottom right picture?
  10. Sovay

    Moving and Transporting Advice Needed

    Personally, I have a small cat carrier and I've transported my chins many times with no problems, including over night stays. Usually, the chins are so pooped from being kept up all day in the car that they sleep and are good all night without trying to chew the cage. In fact, I checked it just...
  11. Sovay

    I think I need to give up my chins :(

    Ditch the fleece! Unless your chinchillas are litter trained you either have a) a disgusting cage or b) a pain in the butt because you have to change the liners all the time. I tried fleece because it was suggested on here (and it's pretty cute) and I had to change everyday, no exceptions or it...
  12. Sovay

    FN upgrade?

    So my boys are in a FN double. And things are good. But I want to go BIGGER. Don't get me wrong, the FN is great. The boys are happy, they have plenty of toys and room to play. But, I'd love to get them some more room. I wonder if there is a way to attach another cage to the FN? Has anyone else...
  13. Sovay

    Cage Cleaning- It has to be easier!

    Some more vacuum advice.... I bought a Bissell Powerforce compact from Walmart for (I think) $30. It's bagless, pretty powerfull, and sucks up hay no problem. And it's a reg vacuum so I use the hose to suck up poop, hay and fur from hard to reach places, and then vacuum the carpet. I have the...
  14. Sovay

    6 month old white sapphire male

    wow, he's a pretty handsome guy!
  15. Sovay

    Long Drives ?

    All I put in a cat carrier for long trips is a) a fleece liner; b)some hay; c) a chew toy and d) keep the temp chinny appropriate and keep them out of the sun. I don't put a waterbottle on the carrier I have because in my experience, they don't use it and it just leaks and I don't want my chins...
  16. Sovay


    I wouldn't say they are imprinted, that is when an animal associates their owner as one of their own species. I do think chinchillas get attached to people though. My chins will come out and beg for attention and treats when they see me but if a new person comes in they hide in their house, or...
  17. Sovay

    New chinchilla owner

    I second this! I always looks at the bird stuff thinking I'll find something awesome for the chins, and more often than not, I change my mind because it's too darn expensive! The hanging wood toys in the small pet section are great, and there are many folks on here that sell even nicer toys...
  18. Sovay

    Need some good advice :)

    Hi JessJack, I'm of the camp that raisins and dried fruits (without sugar) are fine sparingly. But I like to switch things up and feed some different treats to the boys. They love shredded wheat squares and cheerios, and to a lesser extent, pinches of rolled oats and alfalfa hay. No need to...
  19. Sovay

    Successfully introduced two chins for the first time!

    Congrats! Sounds like they are doing well. Keep an eye on them still though just in case. Especially at night when they get more active. I have successfully introduced 3 pairs of chinchilla males since I first started with chinchillas. 1 pair I introduced for my mother was doing ok and then...
  20. Sovay

    Plastic bag chewed, likely eaten

    Keep an eye and make sure they are pooing normally. One of the first signs my chin is sick is that he won't take his favorite treat, or he'll reluctantly take it and eat it slowly. That is the change in behavior I look for. Almost everyone has left a plastic bag in a chinny-reachable place at...