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    Hi From Toronto

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    Hello there

    Welcome back and I'm sorry for your loss.
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    Welcome! Finnegan and Poe are both cuties!
  4. tunes

    Chinchilla with fractured pelvis!!! Help!!

    She needs to be confined at all times. Do not let her out. It will take at least 6 weeks and she will hate you, but the more she jars it the less likely it is to heal. Agree with Amethyst. She needs to be fed if she's not eating. It can heal. I've had it happen before with a chin. You...
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    Hello! (New Member)

  6. tunes

    What's happening with my old girl's eye?

    I would say it's a cataract. I have a couple older chins here with them. It doesn't seem to bother them at all. They keep on chinning as they normally would.
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    Yep, but like I said, it stains badly if you drop it on surfaces, so be careful. It will stain their fur for a while, but with dust baths it goes away.
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    Question on chin matting

    I agree with Amethyst. You don't want knowledge. You don't want to better the species. You want cute, fuzzy babies without doing any research into the how's and why's. Now, if you want to learn about breeding, we're here to help. The first thing you're going to be told is don't breed pet...
  9. tunes

    Chin matting between mother and son

    Boy + girl = babies. They don't care if they're mother and son. It's a biological imperative.
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    The dust/powder combo works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. If I have a chin with ringworm, I use Blu-Kote topically. Be warned, if you're not careful it will go everywhere and it stains, but it works really well.
  11. tunes

    Chinnie Chin Chin

    I'm late to see this, but you can also put the cage in the hot sun and let it bake. The sun will kill the ringworm. When I had it with a chin, I dipped all of their wood in diluted bleach water and set it in the sun for a couple of days and they were able to use it again. If it was just a...
  12. tunes

    Possible Hair ring

    If I check for a hair ring, I check myself. It is easier to have someone hold him while you check, but you can do it yourself. I rarely check. I have so many chins it would take me forever. That said, some chins just enjoy the feeling so they do it frequently. If he's not swollen, red, or...
  13. tunes

    Chinchilla For Sale Chinchilla is unhappy

    Have you checked into a rescue taking her?
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    Hi all.

    Hello and welcome!
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    Welcome and congrats on your new family member!
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    Traveling with chin

    This post is several years old.
  17. tunes

    Chinchillas for therapy at schools and care homes / mobile circus

    Noooo. Everything that Amethyst said in spades. Chinchillas are not something that should be used for this.
  18. tunes

    Possible pregnancy?

    ANY fighting should be stopped immediately and the chins should be separated permanently. The phrase "more than usual" is very concerning. They shouldn't be fighting at all!
  19. tunes

    Meet Zuzu and zipper!!

    First, I hope you have resolved your heat issue. A pregnant chin isn't going to do any better in heat than a nonpregnant one did, only this time kits will die too. Second, keep your chins apart. If she is pregnant, she will end up with a breedback. This is very unhealthy for your female...
  20. tunes

    New Chin on the block!

    Welcome! Beautiful boy!