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  1. fanofdmb84

    What's new?

    We still have our original 2 gray chins, Tala & Groo. Sadly we lost Raven unexpectedly about 3 years ago. We also lost our eldest dog, Luka, a year ago to what we suspect was a brain tumor. We added 2 Flemish giant rabbits in February and they have been a blast! Also hoping to get a puppy next...
  2. fanofdmb84

    Bad dreams or seizures? Daily

    This has been going on a while, but since it never amounts to anything, I'm not overly concerned. Just wondering if anyone has ever seen anything similar. One of my females sleeps in a tube that is suspended about 8" from the floor of her cage. She will make a raspy grunting noise, sometimes...
  3. fanofdmb84

    I tiled my Ferret Nation today :)

    They are cut to fit and just drop in, they definitely don't need any adhesive or hardware to stay in place. However, if I did this again, I would use ceramic tiles instead. The granite is heavy and if any of the chins misses a litter pan, the pee slowly soaks into the tile.
  4. fanofdmb84

    Opinions wanted: online purchases/customer service

    Well it has been about a week since he received the "replacement" item, and about 10 days since I've actually heard from him, and he has not sent me any more messages. Hopefully (knock on wood) I won't hear from him ever, ever again!
  5. fanofdmb84

    Opinions wanted: online purchases/customer service

    The original sale was on Etsy, so unfortunately I can't block him. However if he ever tries to buy from me again, I can "refuse service" and cancel his sale, which I definitely will do. Thanks everyone for your input. I think I probably was too accommodating, but at least now I have a plan of...
  6. fanofdmb84

    Opinions wanted: online purchases/customer service

    I wasn't even aware of the stop shipment possibility. I shipped USPS, so unfortunately it will cost me more to stop it than the item cost me to make and ship, so it looks like he's getting a freebie. But, if he wants to continue to gripe I can at least say that I did everything in my power to...
  7. fanofdmb84

    Opinions wanted: online purchases/customer service

    Susan - yes that is one of the things I've now put into my official policies. In my hurry to pacify this guy, I overlooked it; obviously I won't be making that mistake again. :/. This guy has been such a jerk about everything, but I suppose I take it personally when I shouldn't. It's very...
  8. fanofdmb84

    Opinions wanted: online purchases/customer service

    I'm looking for unbiased opinions on an issue I've had recently. My husband thinks I'm crazy for trying to be nice and helpful, but I think putting forth extra effort for customer service will go a long way in the end...maybe I'm wrong :/ Background: I have an online store where I sell...
  9. fanofdmb84


    I have one chin who does this - the only way I could solve it was to remove all the fleece from her cage. I could not keep up on washing tube covers and hammocks and everything else, it just wasn't worth it anymore. I have found that she does not pee in the tube that she sleeps in, so as long...
  10. fanofdmb84

    Average cost for Ebony?

    I think I paid $125 for mine...but she's TINY and pet-quality only because of her size (although she is pedigreed)
  11. fanofdmb84

    Chin Spin or Silver Surfer?

    I had a chin spin and definitely prefer my silver surfers. They are holding up MUCH better.
  12. fanofdmb84

    Ice Mountain Water?

    Most bottled water is plain old tap water from cities all over the country. (if you get a chance, watch the documentary "Tapped") Ice Mountain gets its water from wells or municipal water sources, ie - tap water. Some bottling companies filter with reverse osmosis, but not all, so unless it...
  13. fanofdmb84

    Critique my cage please!

    Not sure you are going to get a dependable option for a tube cover that you can remove without removing the tube. Typical tube covers go all the way around the tube and fit pretty snugly so the chins don't pull them off and eat the pvc. They are, however, VERY easy to make. Picture a tube...
  14. fanofdmb84

    Food - The Great Debate.

    I feed Purina Rabbit Chow Show - can't beat the price for 50lbs for less than $20. I have fed Oxbow in the past, but the price difference was just too much not to switch. All my chins gained weight when I switched to PRCS, so I'm happy with it.
  15. fanofdmb84

    Water Question

    I can't comment on the safety of tap water, but I do know she won't refuse water forever. When she gets thirsty, she'll drink (unless she is actually ill). I would give it a few days and not worry too much about just a few hours or a day of not drinking.
  16. fanofdmb84

    Fleece Liner to go over Bass Pans?

    I would be concerned about adding 4 layers of thickness to the pan - my pan fits very snugly in my cage (of course, I had mine powder coated). I'm sure if I had fleece on every side of it I would not be able to close the doors. Just something to consider.
  17. fanofdmb84

    Chinchilla boarding -- what is reasonable?

    When I'm taking care of a pet, whether it is is their own home or mine, and the owners are gone for a long period of time or out of the country, I recommend they call their vet and leave a credit card number on file for emergencies. Not only does that cover you with the vet - so they know who...
  18. fanofdmb84

    Silver Surfer wheel broken

    They are sending me a new bearing (no charge). I guess that's something. Of course now I'm paranoid. I did notice it making a HUGE racket the night before last, but I thought it was hitting on a cage bar. Now I think maybe it was the bearing going to heck. So for anyone with a silver...
  19. fanofdmb84

    Silver Surfer wheel broken

    :mad: This is what they told me: Great. Because I totally know a million places that can just pop that sucker out for me </sarcasm>. You would think these things would hold up to ONE 600g chinnie for more than a year. So much for that.
  20. fanofdmb84

    Reviews on Infomercials

    My uncle bought some sort of egg peeler gadget years ago, yeah, it worked on 1 in 20 eggs, but definitely not worth it. I like SpaceBags, although I do have a couple that leak air after a while, but overall I still like them and just bought a new set (from Amazon, though, I never order directly...