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    safe woods

    Is Radiata KD pine safe wood for shelves?
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    There are no words...

    Haha!!! Mine do the same thing lol
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    Is this bar spacing two wide for a chinchilla

    So I'm looking for a gate to block off part of my room during playtime for my chins. Is bar spacing of 1.75 two wide for chinchillas? Here is the gate...
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    adopting chin from petsmart please help

    That is what I was worried about actually. I don't have another Ac unit to keep any other room cool in my house. If I can't have them in the same room I won't be able to bring him home. The room they are in is huge it's the bonus room in my house so it's almost as large as a large basement. What...
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    First Bath!

    how old is the chin? If she is under 6 months she shouldn't be getting out of cage play time anyway.
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    Sleeping too much?

    I wouldn't worry about it. Often times younger chins sleep a ton because so much of their energy is being spent on growing. When I first brought home my two chins they slept so much for the first month I was terrified something was wrong with them so I emailed my breeder and posted about it here...
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    adopting chin from petsmart please help

    Im adopting a chinchilla from Petsmart. He has been there for 8 months and recently the chin he was bonded with was adopted. The employee who I talked to said he has been depressed for the past month and it is very obvious when you see him as he has obvious signs of fur chewing. Here is my...
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    I ate a chinchilla poop

    OMG THATS HILARIOUS :hilarious::rofl:
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    help high humidity levels!

    The humidity level in my chin room is reading at 75 rh right now. I bought three tubs of damp rid at home depot but it does not seem to be doing much. The temperature in my room ranges from 64 degrees to 68 within the day. Is this okay with the high humidity or do I need to buy a dehumidifier...
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    Goodbye Missy (Unexpected Death)

    I'm so sorry for your loss I cant imagine the pain you are feeling. She was so beautiful and although her life was ended you gave her plenty of love and a very happy life and she will never be forgotten. She looked so happy. Chins know when they are loved.
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    Chinchilla Bonding in groups of three

    So I have been wanting to adopt a chin for a long time now since before I purchased my two boys and I found an add on craigslist close enough for me to drive to. I am not planning for the new chinchilla to be able to bond with my already bonded pair and I have a separate cage prepared for him...
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    Chin eye bugers

    Both my chins get little eye crusties right after they dust bath. I use blue cloud so I don't understand why the dust bath would irritate their eyes? They literally only get them right after a dust bath. Maybe because they are both so young? Does this happen to anyone else's chins cause it has...
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    Remove second floor in Fn or keep?

    oh my gosh your chins are so lucky they have such an amazing cage with so much fun toys to chew thanks!
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    Remove second floor in Fn or keep?

    could you possibly post a pic so I can see exactly how you created overlaps? thank you so much
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    Keeping Chins in Los Angeles - help!!!

    I live in Nc and the humidity in my room rises to 70 rh and the temp can get up to 80 degrees since my room is the largest in the house and our central air conditioning does not keep my room cool enough. Before I got my chins I bought a window unit and I keep it on 24/7 and keep my room at 68...
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    Remove second floor in Fn or keep?

    So I have a double model FN cage and I have seen a lot of chin owners that don't have that middle floor and just make it one large cage. I was just curious as to how everyone else likes to use their Fn and if their chins prefer the second floor or prefer the jumping room? Really the only thing...
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    petting chins

    So I've had my two chins for about a month and a half now. I've read online that some chins love scritches and other are too wild and itchy and never like them at all. I was just wondering how long it took everyone els's chins to enjoy being scratched under the chin and behind the ear. Did they...
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    How long will pellets last

    okay thank you I cant really check the mill date because I got them in bulk from my breeder so Ill keep them in air tight containers and just buy more in 4 months to be safe. I bough them a month ago.
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    How long will pellets last

    I did just read another reply to someone else's question similar to mine. So if I freeze their food it wont cause their pellets to lose nutrients?
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    How long will pellets last

    So I have a large amount of tradition pellets right now and they are being stored in air tight containers. I was just wondering what is the best the way to store them and keep them fresh and how long can they be stored before I should buy new pellets?