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    My chinchilla does nothing but hide

    I (personally) recommend a vet visit, ASAP, based on my own personal experience with a petsmart bleeding-heart rescue. My husband and I did the same thing you did with a chinchilla we lovingly named Oboro after rescuing her from the glass tank of a petsmart...she was also acting strange at the...
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    Chin always runs out of cage

    To fix this with my boys, I just gave them a gentle "boop" (light tap) on the nose and told them "No." whenever they would get too close to the edge of the cage, and it generally works. If that isn't enough because of them being particularly persistent that day, then I will get a finger on their...
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    I'm not sure this is an "emergency" per se, so I'm guessing this would be where I should post this to get some help. I've recently caught my two boys fighting, and I'm trying to get some help to figure out the "why" behind it (and hopefully get them back to their chin piling). I have owned my...
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    Hi! My name is Mezarumi, and I have owned my two chinchillas for about 4 months now. They are both 7 months old! Both are boys: one mosaic, the other black velvet. They are brothers, but from different mothers. They were born 3 days apart from each other. Their names are Kimahri and Yuzuki.