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    Greetings from Colorado Springs!

    Stackie: It's really nice here! The only downside (in my mind), is that to go virtually anywhere across town, you need to get on the interstate. But it's a good place to have chinnies, the air is nice and dry.
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    Wood shelves

    I just purchased my first shelf from TaylorMadeChinchilla, and I'm impressed- they use kiln dried pine and it is safe and sturdy. If you are open to purchasing rather than building, I would recommend TMC for sure!
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    Chin eye bugers

    Yes, my chin has that problem too. I never let him dust for more than a few minutes, and it usually ends in the same eye crust. It doesn't last or seem to cause further irritation though, so I'm not terribly worried.
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    Goodbye Missy (Unexpected Death)

    I'm sorry, that's really hard. I hope your other chin doesn't take it too hard in the days to come. ):
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    Black Velvets and Clumsiness

    I think that the cage transition is definitely a factor, he isn't used to as much space as he has. Thank you both for the input!
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    Black Velvets and Clumsiness

    Ah, that helps, thank you. I don't really have any medical history for his parents, because the breeder I purchased from acquired him from another herd, he wasn't one of her kits. But it is good to know that part of his bumping into things could just be his age. I will watch out and make sure he...
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    Greetings from Colorado Springs!

    Hey all, I'm Corina, new here! I have a 7 month old male black velvet named Pabu. (Name is a reference to Korra, and also a Tibetan word for puffball). We live in Colorado Springs, and are fairly new to the area. These forums have been a huge resource to me as a new chin parent, and I love...
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    Chinchilla won't jump

    My chin is a bit like that too, he has started to become more comfortable with jumping, and uses his perches more and more, but he still is not very good at landing his jumps. I think a lot of it was that the breeder had him in a much smaller, one-level cage, but now his home is much larger and...
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    Black Velvets and Clumsiness

    Hello all, My husband and I have a new chin, black velvet, 7 months old. He is adjusting very well to his new environment, despite the breeder's warnings that he is really "jumpy" and "may take longer to fully tame". That being said, we let him have short playtimes in the evening when he asks...