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    Mites or Stress?

    Nevermind. Definitely mites!!!
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    Mites or Stress?

    From what I've read, stress can cause mite outbreaks to go from 0-60 and can also cause quilling. How do I know the difference? One of my guys is quilling like crazy and both are itchy. We just had an cage change, so I know stress is a factor. I've never had to deal with mites or really stress...
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    New animal blog :)

    I started a daily blog about my animals and the silly things they do. Each day is a super short, 2-3 sentence post about 1+ of my crew. It's just getting started, but I thought I'd share!
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    my poor kitty

    I'm glad he's doing well! My kitty eventually lost all of her teeth through old age. Even at the age of 18 with 4 teeth left, she was the boss of the dog. Gummed her paw once when she swatted at the cat and she never went after the cat every again. 2 lb cat beat out the german shepherd :)
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    Stuck in a rut

    I'd lose my mind! I recently left everything to live with my fiancé in a college town where he is finishing school. I feel for you on meeting people. I work, but as a nanny so nothing there. Everyone in town is involved at the college or just interested in drinking and or dating and I'm set in...
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    Desperate for a desirable option...

    The rats are big fleece eaters, so we use carefresh and paper shreds. I was thinking about securing fleece to their wheel with Velcro or something because I can't take their wheel away without decreasing quality of life. I can't remove her either because that creates too much havoc for all...
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    Desperate for a desirable option...

    My poor little fancy rat, Minnie, has a large fatty tumor. We took her to the vet when it started out and she said not to worry about it. She's 5ish, so she probably wouldn't make it through a removal surgery and she said it would probably just come back. The problem now is that it's grown...
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    I have no willpower...

    It seems I may be getting a dog. My fiance is a dog trainer and has a "student' in one of his classes who is going to be abandoned. The family realized they just can't care for a puppy. She's a 12 week old husky named sable. Kelvin came to me with his puppy dog eyes last night and asked if...
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    Anyone else gluten-free? need recipes

    I eat a similar diet. I do allow potatoes and yeast. I eat a lot of rice pastas. Chebe makes products made from tapioca that are all dairy free with substitution in recipes. There's a crock pot blog called All of her recipes are gluten free. Not sure about the...
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    Question Popped!

    How wonderful!!!! Congrats!!!
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    Lauren, will you marry me?

    Thank you all! I feel so blessed right now! :)
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    Lauren, will you marry me?

    My boy proposed this weekend!!!!! We've been working on moving in together and I knew it was coming because I'm kinda old fashioned and wanted some type of commitment before moving in (the old why buy the cow, theory), but I thought it would happen at my college graduation NEXT weekend. I was...
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    I need parent help, please.

    One suggestion I have that doesn't address either condition directly is mommy-son dates and daddy-son dates. My parents saw a counselor once to improve their relationships with us and she suggested taking each of us out on a special "date" once every certain amount of time (ours was every other...
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    Is that me?

    Very cool! She's so pretty.
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    Turkey Wraps

    I don't know about the ones from Kroger but I found this one the other day and might try it with my students after thanksgiving since it's simple and sounds delicious.
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    Bumblefoot? Have pics, I´m slightly panicked...

    Any bleeding requires a visit to a vet, unfortunately. I'm not a chin person, but I do know infections and that is an infection risk. Poor sweetie :( Hope he's ok.
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    PetSmart Pets Hotel

    I'm skeptical about the petsmart boarding. Minimum waged employees taking care of my baby wouldn't cut it. I don't know exactly where you live in Delaware, but we found a place out toward the country where the dogs get lots of time to run around because the person lives on a farm. Several of...
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    cutting nails

    Yup! Here's a link you can find by using the search function to see other posts about nail trimming. This one gives lots of great tips! Good luck!!! Also, it's definitely ok to do just one or two feet at a time. Whatever your hedgie lets you do. And reward him/her for being good even if it's...
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    Hairless guinea pig, have some questions

    She looks so snuggly! Makes me want a hammock instead of a bed at night. Of course, my puppy would make that an interesting sleeping situation. I'd probably suffocate :P
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    Hairless guinea pig, have some questions

    I think you should name her "Lauren's New Guinea Pig" :) I WANT HER!!!! lol