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  1. LexieHeg

    Before I commit

    Welcome to the forum! It's nice to see people doing their research. 1) My hedgie really isn't noisy. If my wheel is noisy, then you would hear that but otherwise they are pretty quiet. Mine likes to dig and push her house around so we occasionally hear things being shifted but thats really it...
  2. LexieHeg

    Earthquake in DC today

    I'm in Canada but I know that, while we don't usually experience earthquakes, we frequently experience the tremors from others. When I lived in Ontario there was 4 or 5 times that the tremors woke me up at night. Now in Alberta I have yet to experience tremors but I'm sure they are there.
  3. LexieHeg

    Does anyone do a home business?

    I used to sell Avon. The key is to have a large social network of people willing to buy from you. It is so hard to sell to strangers because chances are if they're going to buy, they already buy from someone. Unless you're the first person in your area to sell this product, def. ensure you have...
  4. LexieHeg


    So cute...but when you take group do you tell them apart?
  5. LexieHeg

    Issues with my oldest

    If she hasn't seen a vet yet - Take her to the Avian and Exotics Pet Clinic 2308-24th St. Dr. Korber and Dr. Materi are fantastic and they have an after hours emergency line. Tel: 403-240-3577
  6. LexieHeg

    Food Troubles...Need Advice...

    Back to square one.... After about 3 weeks of having the wellness in her cage, she finally started eating it (and I was so excited) and then almost instantly she began having really soft poops. Not diarrhea or runny, but really soft and they smelled so badly that even when dry they still...
  7. LexieHeg

    Algerian vs. African Pygmy

    Hi Everyone... I have recently noticed people referring to an Algerian hedgehog that looks just like mine, but I was told Lex was an African Pygmy... Can anyone explain the difference? Thank you!
  8. LexieHeg

    Hedgie Homecoming!

    Oh she is so cute and those pics are great!! I love little hedgie eyes and quill brows.
  9. LexieHeg

    Hi Everyone.

    Welcome to the forum! You should definitely read the hedgehog side if you are looking to get one, it will help you to understand what to expect from a hedgehog so the next time will be different. :)
  10. LexieHeg

    Animal Therapy Dog

    My family trained therapy dogs for many years. They've used all types of dogs, but the most successful have been Golden Retrievers and, depending on what you're doing with them, German Shepards. Germans are meant to work, and once the service vest is on them they turn into completely different...
  11. LexieHeg

    Hedgie Bonding Pouch Alternative?

    Hedgehogs don't like change and don't adjust well to it. Aside from its cage, playtime with you and vet visits you really shouldn't bring him/her out. They are also very responsive to temperature changes and can actually die from cold, so keeping him/her in their enclosure or home with a solid...
  12. LexieHeg

    Kelen, ? - 07/25/2011

    Im so glad you found him and were able to give him real love and care for the remainder of his life. RIP Kelen....
  13. LexieHeg

    Food Troubles...Need Advice...

    Thanks Melissa I will check it out!
  14. LexieHeg

    I've been adopted...

    I love this story...she is such a cutie. The shape of her snout and head is almost Great Dane but she is no where near the size. Something tells me you will spend her whole life wondering what mix she is! She is so cute and lucky to have found you to take care of her!
  15. LexieHeg

    Food Troubles...Need Advice...

    Thanks everyone! We have tried 4 different types of cat food with her, all different shapes and hardness, and she will not eat them. However, wellness is a round kibble so I may try to wet it a bit and see if that works. The bag is 2 weeks old, expires in Feb 2012. I will continue to leave the...
  16. LexieHeg

    Food Troubles...Need Advice...

    Hi Everyone, I have an extremely picky hedgehog who will actually stop eating completely if I make any change to her food at all. When we first got her and tried to gradually change her food to a high quality cat food, she stopped eating and we didn't realize she had been. She ended up very...
  17. LexieHeg

    Can you find the Hedgehog?

    Yep, that fleece lump is her!
  18. LexieHeg

    Can you find the Hedgehog?

    Thank you, I think she's pretty cute but I'm sure I'm biased!! She wouldn't be doing so well if it weren't for this great forum providing better advise than even my vet gave! Thank you all for having it!
  19. LexieHeg

    what do you think is wrong?

    From what I understand, a URI can be lethal in a few hours and if its not treated soon, it may be too late. You should take her to a vet- anyone you can get her into and separate her from your other chin and monitor the other chin closely for any symptoms. You mentioned only the emergency vet...