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    Chichilla and eye drops

    I cant imagine it being worse than me having to put drops in my dad's eyes. He's 6 foot seven and a muscley/bulky 350 pounds and he's a big baby. Imagine a big guy in a recliner, my mom holding his eye open and me with the dropper. I've been having to do ointment into my chins eye- i hold him...
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    Tornado Kit?

    for a night I think a carrier would be ok. A bigger cage would obviously be nicer, but an all metal carrier like Ryerson's would probably be ok for a night. You dont want anything plastic or bad to chew on. I would get some hay cubes, pellets, and plenty of chews. Maybe fleece for the bottom of...
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    Damp around his right eye

    Update! So Joe's back to talking to me. We've got a couple more days of ointment but his eye is definitely better. I'm still doing tonight's and tomorrow's so there's no chance of some sort of relapse. Im so glad he's doing better!
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    vision impairment due to color mutation?

    So this could go in breeding or anatomy or health-I couldnt pick one so it's here- I was talking with my sister who has pet rats and she ha a female with pink eyes (the look red but I guess its different) and the rat is partially blind. My sister was saying that usually red or pink eyes in rats...
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    Cages, wheels, and running on wheels to escape

    So a couple things I've noticed since getting my two new boys. #1 I was spoiled by the ferret nation with my first chin and I'm not grateful enough for the critter nation the boys came with. It's a perfectly good cage but the close bar spacing is getting to be a pain in the neck for moving...
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    chinchilla/cat interactions

    Dog person here- I think my dogs think the chins are super fragile dogs. We've had them supervised out together and the dogs both freeze (I think they even hold their breath) anytime the chins are in a 3 foot radius. We don't commonly do this, but wanted the dogs trained in case the chins...
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    Man, this new Chinchilla is by far the most skittish I've ever seen!

    I wouldnt ignore him for a week and then start over- it may work, but personally I'd try just being around a lot in a non threatening way. I would avoid playtime with him so he doesnt get chased (plus five months is a little young for that), I would sit next to the cage and just read or...
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    Damp around his right eye

    I'm so relieved. Joe's been doing this cute happy squeak at me through the cage bars the past couple days (people not through cage bars are still scary because he might get picked up). He was very talkative in the vets squawking at them picking him up and then talking with me while they were...
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    Ohio- Northwest/Toledo

    Just finished up our appt with Dr. Tim Reichard at the Bird & Exotic pet Wellness Center. He's awesome and knows chins. They sell Mazuri, local timothy hay, and Emeraid Herbivore critical care. My costs were $35 for each chin's exam, $27 for an ointment for my chin's eye, then I bought the...
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    Damp around his right eye

    Alright- we just got back. We probably were with the doc for around an hour. He was very good. Had Mazuri in his office and some pamphlet things for owners. Official diagnois- he probably got dust in his eye. I have some ointment-"Ophth triple anti Oint" on the printed lable, box says...
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    Damp around his right eye

    ok. Joe's my biggest chewer- I don't know if that makes me happy because it's less likely to be teeth issues or worry because he may chew because his teeth grow to fast. All my boys are adoptions so their histories/genetics are unknown. How did you figure out who had rapid elongation teeth...
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    Damp around his right eye

    thanks Dawn- that makes me a little less worried about Malo. How do you know about teeth elongation before it get to eye problems? From posts I've seen before on here it seemed like malo/elongation could sneak up on people. I would guess not chewing would be a sign, along with any other obvious...
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    Damp around his right eye

    I'm not limiting pellets so much as giving half a bowl in the morning and half at night instead of a full bowl. I had heard tips that it may help hay consumption but it hasnt really changed it. I heard people going to only hay and re-introing pellets and i want to avoid that. I thought the cubes...
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    Damp around his right eye

    Prior info: I adopted two chins about 2 months ago now- I was told there were no prior medical issues, other than their feet dried up too much when they had a lava ledge shelf. We got through quarantine with no issues. One is 2 1/2, the other is 3. Neither boy really likes loose hay. They eat...
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    Ohio- Northwest/Toledo

    I would like to add in here that Sylvania Vet Hospital no longer sees chins. I was referred to the Bird and Exotic pet Wellness Center, 51166 Monroe St # 305, Toledo OH 43623, 419-843-3137 About two ago when I was calling around trying to find a bunch of vets (when I got Yuki) most vets in the...
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    How hot is too hot?

    The "rule" I think is more about if you have really high humidity (like 80%) then it needs to be even cooler to make up for it. But no. Even at 40% humidity a chin shouldn't be at 75 degrees. I suggest getting a thermometer/ whatever the word is for a humidity scale :). I got a thing at walmart...
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    cisgendered chin and surprise babies!! advice needed please

    I've heard that females can actually get pregnant with a new litter 3-4 days before birthing their current litter. "backbreeding" is having one litter right after another and is really hard on the female. Also, males/ females are able to begin breeding at 12-14 weeks. They aren't really...
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    Let's talk poo!

    There could be other issues, but usually pellet feeds with extra junk like the seeds and fruit aren't good pellets either. I would recommend switching to a quality pellet such as Mazuri, Oxbow, Tradition, or Manna Pro instead of just picking stuff out (although that probably helps temporarily).
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    Some questions for a new owner

    you've asked this twice. here's the link to the other answer in case you forgot/lost it or maybe tried again if you didnt see it right away- new people have to have the first few posts ok'd by a moderator to cut down on spam. (I'm going to post the link from this post there too since some people...
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    Some Chin Questions. Please Help

    you've asked this before (I remembered answering) here's the link to the other answer in case you forgot/lost it (I'm going to post the link from this post there too since some people will see one and not the other).