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  1. Brittneyk13

    Rehoming Chinchilla

    Hi Everyone! I had to make the difficult decision to rehome my chinchilla. She is about 6 years old and the sweetest girl. She will come with all supplies and her critter nation cage (2 levels). I am charging a rehoming fee of $200 (price negotiable, don't care about the money just want her...
  2. Brittneyk13

    Dental exam/x-rays

    Her poops have gotten a lot better and she is acting more like herself. Should I start to wean her off the meds and the CC? And if so how should I do it? Sorry for all the questions I just don’t know how to go about this. The vet did say she wasn’t in full on stasis yet so I don’t know if...
  3. Brittneyk13

    Dental exam/x-rays

    How can I get her to start eating more on her own? She has been taking the CC pretty good but she still won’t eat much on her own.
  4. Brittneyk13

    Dental exam/x-rays

    Update: daisy started to go down hill an I wasn’t getting as much CC into her as I wanted to. She was barely pooping an when she did they were super small an pointy. I took her back to the vet an they gave her something to get her gut moving an a stronger pain med. The vet was able to get her...
  5. Brittneyk13

    Dental exam/x-rays

    She’s seems more like herself today. I was able to get some critical care in her this morning and when I got home from work she was eating some hay an there were a few poops in her cage. I’m hoping she was just stressed and will go back to normal.
  6. Brittneyk13

    Dental exam/x-rays

    My chinchilla had a dental exam an X-rays done today because she has been pawing at her mouth and grinding her teeth a lot lately. The vet said everything looked normal. After the appointment she seemed fine, she was eating hay an pellets, no issues but after an hour or so of being home she...
  7. Brittneyk13

    Weird fur?

    Yeah I figured that's what happened but just wanted to make sure! Thanks for the replies :)
  8. Brittneyk13

    Weird fur?
  9. Brittneyk13

    Weird fur?

    Hey everyone! Just had a quick question. So when I came home tonight my chinchillas fur was kind of hard and crunchy in some spots and is kind of sticking together? Idk how to explain it. But before I left she was totally normal and when I got home not even 3 hours later her fur was a mess...
  10. Brittneyk13

    HELP... Stasis, blockage, bloat, giardia...

    I'm glad he is doing a little better! Please keep us updated!
  11. Brittneyk13

    Pika Pika

    This is so adorable 😍😊❤️
  12. Brittneyk13

    Your Chin's Weight?

    My female chin Daisy weighs about 590g. So she is definitely on the smaller side.
  13. Brittneyk13


    Supplements/vitamins aren't necessary to give a chinchilla but I give my girl a herb mixture made by fuzzies kingdom to give her diet interesting. Here is the link. She can be a picky hay eater as well but when I sprinkle this...
  14. Brittneyk13

    Waking Up to Eat

    Yep my girl does this. She will randomly wake up throughout the day to get a quick bite to eat then she goes right back to bed. Lol.
  15. Brittneyk13

    Sick Chin

    I would definitely take her to the vet again asap. Do you know what is causing the diarrhea? And what antibiotics did they give you? Also how much critciall care are you giving daily? If she lets you put her on her back and she is not fighting that is not a good sign :/
  16. Brittneyk13

    Foraging Fun Hay & Whole Echinacea Plant

    Yay!!!! I would love some!!
  17. Brittneyk13

    Houdini's surgery

    I'm so sorry for your loss :( it's never easy loosing a fur baby.
  18. Brittneyk13

    Goodbye Missy (Unexpected Death)

    I'm so sorry for your loss :(. It's never easy losing a loved pet especially when it's completely unexpected like that. I too would want to know what caused it and it sucks that the vet doesn't think doing a necropsy would help. Maybe the room got too hot or something? I would definitely...
  19. Brittneyk13

    I need help with his cage!

    I would remove all the plastic shelves and the plastic igloo because plastic causes a lot of issues when ingested. You can replace them with kiln dried pine wood shelves and maybe a few lava ledges (you can buy these at most pet stores). You can also add some fleece items, such as a hammock or...
  20. Brittneyk13

    Wasn't pooping much...took to vet

    I know right I never thought I would be so concerned about poop before lol. But she is pooping a little more but they still have a weird odor to them. I have an appointment for tomorrow morning at 8 am so I'm hoping it's nothing too serious :/