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  1. Annieo

    Poor Betty, the Friendless, Bald Hedgehog

    A little update on Betty (6/21/12) Betty the bald hedgehog is doing VERY well and has REALLY bonded with her White African pygmy hedgehog cage mate (which was an unwanted pet that came to the sanctuary.) The Foxy Lodge is still using the the snuggle sacks we sent them for various animals and...
  2. Annieo

    My Daughter Lilly

    Lily is just a doll! I'm so glad you brought her with you when you picked up your buddy. I hope Lily finally gave it to Gizmo. :)
  3. Annieo

    I'm here :)

    I just returned your PM but you failed to mention you got married!!! Congrats. Maybe you should come visit your hubby in San Diego where I live! We can meet and greet. :D
  4. Annieo

    Poor Betty, the Friendless, Bald Hedgehog

    Just a little update on Betty and friends. I got an email last week from John, the owner of Foxy Lodge where Betty lives, to tell me that all the over wintered hedgehogs will be released in the next 3 weeks except for Betty and a White African pygmy hedgehog that was given to them. The snuggle...
  5. Annieo

    New Chia Photos!

    You alway take amazing photos. Very pretty.
  6. Annieo

    Cleaning Cages

    Thank you girls :)
  7. Annieo

    Cleaning Cages

    Thanks Lily for your input. No, I mean, they each have their own FN142 and I would split it for cleaning. No interaction. :)
  8. Annieo

    Cleaning Cages

    As you know Tibby and Baggy are in separate FN142s and not participatory for playtime (although they have on occasion run about in each other's cages.) I really want to take each cage outside and give it a good squirt down in the driveway with a hose for cleaning. Will I totally devastate each...
  9. Annieo

    Where's Handbag?

    Egads…I thought one of Handbag's friend would have posted earlier. I've been very busy at work so I apologize. Handbag is alive and well on the Internet….as is Mister Tibbs! In an effort to consolidate his cuteness, I normally just post on Facebook. You can find him at...
  10. Annieo

    Miste Tibb's Tail

    Thanks everyone. Theresa, they never shared playtime, I just had their cages next to one another. It seems to have gotten worse since I moved Tibby away from Handbag but in the same room. Maybe he liked it better the other way. I just moved him to give them (and me) more space. I might move...
  11. Annieo

    Miste Tibb's Tail

    Mister Tibbs has always had a bit of thin tail, but lately, it is significant. Here is a pic of his tail at the base. And here is his full body. What do you think? Issues? And what issues? Thanks in advance, Annie
  12. Annieo


    I just started too! I'm under mistertibbs.
  13. Annieo

    New items for the boys this week

    ahhaha..Carby looks very unsure of that "weird" chinchilla in his cage.
  14. Annieo

    The Ferret Nation Club

    It looks fantastic! Very cosmic. :)
  15. Annieo

    The Ferret Nation Club

    OMG...that looks adorable! I hope the boys love their new fleece goodies!
  16. Annieo

    New Shelf Dilemma!

    I would not worry about rearranging. Chins have a "pattern" to which they run in a cage they are familiar with. He probably just needs time to acclimate himself to the new formation. He's fully capable of running your configuration. :) Same goes to when/if you change the shelves. He needs some...
  17. Annieo

    Molly's Debut!

    Adorable! Although I think those Pampers will be too big for her. :D
  18. Annieo


    Absolutely gorgeous! I see she likes the ear skritch! Mine do too!
  19. Annieo

    Anyone else struggling to lose weight? Weigh in (no pun intended lol)!

    Good luck with your weight loss. I struggle too. Now that I am 50, I am finding it excruiatingly difficult to lose weight. I come from a long competitive athletic background so I thought it would be easier for me to lose, not so. I had a personal trainer for 9 months and didn't lose (or gain) a...
  20. Annieo

    Say Hello to Jacob!

    AND...he learned a new love from the ear :)