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  1. Chin_Pig

    Bottled or tap water?

    When I moved from Iowa to Missouri I brought jugs of Iowa water with me to slowly transition them to Missouri water. I know different cities and states have different water treatment techniques so I mixed water till they were on Missouri tap water. If we ever move to where we have well water I...
  2. Chin_Pig

    Dog Allergies?

    my dogs have some issues, itchy eyes, dirty ears and my male has skin issues (he is allergic to baths lol) i feed fish oil and vitamin e. my vet said vitamin e works on a cellular level to prevent inflammation and i have read apple cider Garvin in food or water can also help skin issues...
  3. Chin_Pig


    If you are are lucky you can find a mating plug which tells you they did the deed but doesn't always mean she is pregnant. They tend to be hard to see on shavings and I have heard some females may eat them?? But when I find them I count ~111 days and check her close to due date, if shes preg. I...
  4. Chin_Pig

    Breeders in Iowa?

    I live in st joseph, mo and travel back to fort dodge, Ia a few times a year.
  5. Chin_Pig

    Ebony Phenotype vs. Genotype

    so here is my ebony female, i was told she is a medium (ebony gene from doug wilson) this is her belly (not been groomed in a while) these two have me an eb carrier with as the judges put it "a nice clean belly" she looks like a light phase as well. This is my male who i was told is med...
  6. Chin_Pig

    Ebony Phenotype vs. Genotype

    Has anyone done any genetic marker testing (which would be expensive...) or ideas on which line seem to produce extra dark, dark, medium or light? I'm curious because I have a male that is a med. ebony and I have bred him to a med eb. female and got an eb carrier, bred him to a beige female and...
  7. Chin_Pig

    female was spayed yesterday

    :( She passed away early Sunday morning. vet said he gave her electrolytes, fluids, and a steroid shot for the stress on Saturday. I don't know if he ever really got her to eat much...
  8. Chin_Pig

    female was spayed yesterday

    vet called and didn't like how she looked so he is keeping her one more night and giving her fluids. i asked him if he wanted me to bring him some CC and he didnt know what it was. i told him its what people usually feed after a surgery. he thought they had something like that for birds.... but...
  9. Chin_Pig

    Chin color/mutations

    I had a pink white that was a violet carrier. I never dabbled in violets but if I would have used him he could have passed on the violet to his offspring. You never know what people are willing to breed to get certain color combinations and some 'discard' (find pet homes for them) the recessive...
  10. Chin_Pig

    female was spayed yesterday

    the exotics vet at the clinic is on vacation. this vet was stepping in to do what he could. i was a little irritated when they said they gave her baby food but i wounder if they had any pellets or hay even to offer her. also she is 6 years old too.
  11. Chin_Pig

    female was spayed yesterday

    Im picking her up in a few hours. She will be on antibiotics too i think. She wasnt eating but idk what he offered. He got her to eat pea baby food... i just want to make sure she doesnt go in to gi stasis. Her surgery was at 7pm last night and if she hasent ate anything except a little bit of...
  12. Chin_Pig

    female was spayed yesterday

    Hey guys i had a female that got spayed yesterday (had 2 babies stuck, they didnt make it) and i am getting critical care and i have baby gas drops. But is there any meds i need to keep GI system going? Or type of pain med needed? Thanks!
  13. Chin_Pig

    2014 Empress National Show- join us and celebrate our 50th anniversary Mutation Show!

    My mom and i will be there! (dunno if i will be showing)
  14. Chin_Pig

    What are the signs of old age?

    I have a male from a pet shop that I have had for 9 years. He was already an adult when I got him so he could be 10+ Yrs. He was neutered 4 years after I first got him because I had a cranky female that was hard to pair but she liked him. He is now alone because she had passed away. He used to...
  15. Chin_Pig

    Hedgie colors?

    Thanks! They were born March 28th, and I noticed a quill randomly on both with no color band.
  16. Chin_Pig

    Hedgie colors?

    I got 2 hedge hog girls pets only. just curious as to what color they are? one is lighter than the other, they are sisters and one looks like it has the color on its cheeks. Mom is albino, not sure her color line, dad is, I believe a cinnamon snowflake. here are pictures of mom babies and...
  17. Chin_Pig

    usda question

    Thank you akane. But im asking if a class 'c' license can breed and sell hedgies. I have a friend under class 'c' license breeding and she will be selling but i thought only class 'a' could. She said she could and it was okay but i cannot find anywhere where it says a class 'c' can breed and...
  18. Chin_Pig

    usda question

    Can anybody help me out? Can a class c license breed and sell hedgies? Just like a class a?
  19. Chin_Pig

    usda question

    So i have a friend who has hedgies and i have told her she needs to be usda licensed if she planned to breed. She apperantly bred her females recently but she is only usda licensed to show her animals. I was reading that she would be a class c but it says she needs to be a class a on...