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  1. Chinmama

    Is this right?

    You can change out the dust weekly or every other week. Once you see how often you’ll need to bathe and whether they pee in it or not, you’ll know if you need to change the dust weekly or every other week. And you really don’t need to use much dust each time, so dust lasts much longer than you...
  2. Chinmama

    Getting Away From Garden Select

    If your parents are paying for the food and this is what you have to feed until it’s gone, I would encourage you to feed this while still feeding a good hay. If you discourage your chinchilla from eating it or ruin the bag, you risk your parents not buying more or buying more of the same. And...
  3. Chinmama

    Ronda's Chins now Xia's Chins?

    Yes, Ronda passed away and Xia kept the store running. It’s still the same great products as far as the wood goes. I’ve never gotten anything else so I can’t attest to that.
  4. Chinmama

    Best hay brand?

    You’ll find that hay varies from one batch to the next. We can get a box in that’s perfect and ZZ loves, but the next box he won’t touch. We’ve currently been getting good hay from Rabbit Hole. I get it through Chewy. ZZ likes the first cut Timothy hay, and I also get some Orchard for variety...
  5. Chinmama

    She won't eat hay

    My chinchilla is very picky about his hay. He likes the stalky, stemmy pieces. If it’s short, leafy pieces he just throws it all over his cage. He also will not eat most bagged hays from the pet store. Most recently I’ve been getting Rabbit Hole hay from Chewy and he likes that. He prefers the...
  6. Chinmama

    Corneal Ulcer/Conjunctivitis - Treatment Options?

    One of my chinchillas had a corneal ulcer ages ago and it took about eight months for it to heal completely. I was bringing him to work with me every day so I could administer the drops and/or ointment as directed. The vet told me the ointment actually coats the eye better and helps it to heal...
  7. Chinmama

    Chinchilla pink eye?

    I agree with a vet visit. She may need some antibiotic eye drops.
  8. Chinmama

    Suggestions for dust bath

    I use a large glass fish bowl, but the possibilities are endless. You can use a baking dish or pan with tall sides. You can use a large jar (gallon) turned on its side. You can use a large bowl that’s stable enough to not turn over.
  9. Chinmama


    It’s been a long time, but I remember you! :) I got my first chinchilla 17 years ago and joined CnQ not long after. It was hopping back then, long before a lot of info was available elsewhere.
  10. Chinmama

    Renovation Noise

    I agree with leaving them and maybe adding some tv or background music. Nothing too loud. We have had a roof replaced twice while having our chinchillas and it was very loud. Marble was slightly irritated, ZZ was completely unfazed.
  11. Chinmama

    Bee pollen safe for treats?

    Most “normal” grocery stores will not have bee pollen. You can usually find it at places like Whole Foods or other specialty stores. It’s easier to buy some things online, and this is probably one of those things.
  12. Chinmama

    Baby Chin Difficulties

    This is a good time to just work on bonding with him and getting him to trust you. Each chinchilla is different though, and he may come around and enjoy bonding or he may hate it. My chinchilla is very friendly and if I am not careful, he’ll hop on out any time the cage door is open. He is very...
  13. Chinmama

    Likely teeth problems with chin

    You may need to continue hand feeding for a while, at least until you notice her eating on her own and maintaining her weight.
  14. Chinmama

    Brown Discharge Female Chin?

    The only other thing that comes to my mind is that she is pooing and peeing in the same spot and sitting in it, and the poo is slightly or full blown squishy. I would think that would have an odor though? Hope you were able to get some answers at the vet.
  15. Chinmama

    Potentially Rehoming a Chinchilla CONCERNS

    I agree with Amethyst. I see no reason not to go for it. We got one of our chinchillas from some people who could no longer keep him. They were feeding him raisins, peanuts in the shell, peppermint candy, Charlie Chinchilla Food - and he also had an outdoor cage so he could "get some sun and...
  16. Chinmama

    Foot Injury

    If it is not actively bleeding anymore and he is using it, I would just keep an eye on it and not rush off to the vet. If he is not touching it to the ground, or if he starts chewing it, definitely take him to the vet.
  17. Chinmama

    Chinchilla bald patch above eye?

    I agree with force feeding. It's not fun for you or for them, but if their gut stops moving you have a whole new set of problems.
  18. Chinmama


    FYI - isn't currently working because the site is shut down for their vacation. THE STORE WILL BE CLOSED JAN 14TH TO FEB 3RD
  19. Chinmama

    Chinchilla bald patch above eye?

    Is it swollen, or just bald? I can't really tell from the picture. If it's swollen, it could be an abscess. If it's just bald, it does look like it could be ringworm.
  20. Chinmama

    Question about wooden ledges for cage

    You can also make your own shelves and ledges from poplar or kd pine boards from Lowe’s or Home Depot. They will cut them down to whatever size you want and then you just buy the hardware and take them home and finish them. All you need is a drill for the hardware. Google “making your own...