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    My baby’s Marley and Gypsy

    So cute! Welcome!
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    Two Intact Females Need Home - Maryland

    Looks like Vanya likes you already! I'm so happy you could take them!
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    Two Intact Females Need Home - Maryland

    How are they settling in? Do you have any photos?
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    Two Intact Females Need Home - Maryland

    To clarify, these are NOT my chins. I would take them if I could, but my elderly male chin would be very offended at any other chin in HIS house. These belong to a friend who took them in "temporarily," but it has become "permanent." There is no rush; she is a responsible person and won't just...
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    Two Intact Females Need Home - Maryland

    Two chins, both female, both intact. Healthy, active, 1.5 years old. White chin named Vanilla Chinchilla, aka Vanya. Bold. Likes being petted. Daredevil (would jump off the top of the cage if it means freedom). Gray chin named Salem. Skittish. Loves Vanya. They sleep in a pile. Three-tier...
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    How happy are your Chinchillas?

    Probably. LOL!
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    How happy are your Chinchillas?

    Ha ha ha! Making sure that no treat escapes, even while asleep!
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    How happy are your Chinchillas?

    Yep! He sometimes sleeps with his eyes open!
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    How happy are your Chinchillas?

    This is my guy, Asa Gray. He fell asleep while chewing on a Lava Ledge and is dreaming of treats!
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    Thanks for sharing this, Amethyst! I have had pet chins for years now, and was always told that raisins were ok as treats, in moderation. I will throw them out entirely!
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    Asa Gray

    My boy is Asa Gray. He is named after the famous American botanist. I got him about 10 years ago from Sycamore Chinchillas. He had been a show chin, but was too small to be a champion. He has been a great pet, though. He is very opinionated, but also very smart and cute. He is an...
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    Please help with advice! Second time im posting this.

    A watery eye was the first sign of malocclusion in our Pipsqueak. I hope it is not that.
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    Chin Spin - FREE! (you pay for shipping)

    All: I have an older Chin Spin that I don't need (we got a flying saucer for Asa and he likes it better). It spins smoothly, and aside from a few nibbles is in great shape (see attached pictures). They are currently going for $119 on Amazon, so you could save your money for something else...
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    Free Chin Spin (you pay shipping)

    Hello! I have an older Chin Spin chinchilla wheel that we haven't used for a couple of years now (we got a flying saucer wheel, which Asa likes better). We are unpacking from a move, and it dawned on me that it should go to someone who can put it to use! It is an original Quality Cage Crafters...