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  1. ARPena415

    A Day in the Life of your ___

    He said hi to his new friends from Mexico City yesterday when we got back. After all the excitement he's now snoozing!
  2. ARPena415

    Chinchilla hair loss

    I’ve been battling horrible fur chewing with my little boy for 2 years now. We moved from San Diego to LA County and none of the doctors I’ve taken him to know why he’s doing it. They’ve done fungal testing, topical flea meds, blood work, & X-rays… he has multiple enclosures in my room, has...
  3. ARPena415

    Chinchilla Dry Ears?

    I’ve used Bag Balm in the past for my chin’s dry back feet - they once cracked and even bled! Now he only gets baths M, W, F. It’s been a few years since he’s needed the ointment (and he hated it! 😅). I was also giving him too many baths back then
  4. ARPena415

    Husbandry and Fur Chewing

    Yes he is! He is so much happier and talkative! He’s pop-corning much more often than before I moved his cage!
  5. ARPena415

    Husbandry and Fur Chewing

    Hi all! I have been struggling with my single boy chewing his fur chronically for about a year and a half. We have seen many doctors, have had many tests run (fungal tests, xrays, bloodwork), and have had topical flea medications applied twice. I wanted to bring this up because NONE of his...
  6. ARPena415

    why is my chinchilla tugging on my clothes??

    I’m pretty sure that’s what my little guy does when he tugs at my socks as well! The sock tugging is usually right after a burst of energy & pops or when I move things around in our room and he gets excited! Haha!
  7. ARPena415

    Tiny brown bugs in Timothy Hay

    Thank you for replying! I decided to toss the hay. It was given to me by a friend who had purchased it from a feed store, and based on what little bit I’ve found online, that can be considered a normal finding. Still, I figured it’s best to be safe. Plus we had the hay for many months since it...
  8. ARPena415

    Tiny brown bugs in Timothy Hay

    Hello all, Very recently I noticed a few small bugs crawling on the bag of my Timothy Hay. I keep the bag inside a large plastic bin. I've never seen them before so I'm going to empty the large bin and sort through the sealed bags of extra toys that I also keep in there! I don't want to panic...
  9. ARPena415


    Hi there! I was wondering if there are particular color of rose petals/buds that are recommended. I know it may seem like a stupid question...!