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  1. Amethyst

    Chinchilla with fractured pelvis!!! Help!!

    I don't have any experience with that, but I have read chins can recover from a broken pelvis if everything is aligned and they take it easy long enough to heal. I would try to get her through until the next check, you may need to force feed several small meals a day (every few hours) if not...
  2. Amethyst

    What's happening with my old girl's eye?

    I've never seen that personally, but I do know cataracts are fairly common in older chins. I'm not sure about it appearing to shrink and grow from day to night, but cataracts are normally painless. Glaucoma is normally pretty painful though and I'm not a vet or an expert or anything but I would...
  3. Amethyst

    Western Timothy hay vs Eastern Timothy

    Both are the same grass hay plant, timothy, "Western" and "Eastern" simply specifies where in North America it's grown. Where they are grown does make a difference in quality of the hay, Western North America (more specifically Midwest where you see all the big farms) naturally has the best...
  4. Amethyst

    Nationwide Chinchilla insurance

    I don't, but according to their website's list of things they don't cover it's not surprising heart murmurs would not be covered. I would definitely contact the breeder if you haven't already though. I know you didn't ask but I also know that...
  5. Amethyst


    Yeah, the oral meds you might want to talk to your vet about how long those are suppose to be given, I think those might only be given for 2-4 weeks. Also to be clear I'm just going by what I've read not personal experience, the treatment is normally 4-6 weeks (could be longer or shorter...
  6. Amethyst


    Ringworm treatment normally takes about 4-6 weeks (so you are about less then half way done), but once the skin clears up and the hair grows back it's a sign they are getting better. It takes about 4-14 days for infection to show though so to be on the safe side it's best to wait 2 weeks after...
  7. Amethyst

    Question on chin matting

    Clearly you don't actually want knowledge you want to be told being a irresponsible backyard breeding is fine. News flash it's not, it's horrible. I gave you knowledge of what you are doing wrong (now and earlier this year) and how to fix it, that is not belittling it's informing. You were given...
  8. Amethyst

    Chin matting between mother and son

    🤦‍♀️ Yes, apparently it isn't common knowledge anymore but if you have an intact biological male and an intact biological female together they can mate. Animals don't have the concept of it being related, they just see male and female when it comes to mating. Although rare males can breed as...
  9. Amethyst

    Question on chin matting

    You mean you plan to breed white to white?!?! You do know that breeding white to white can be lethal right? :mad: That is horrible if you are knowingly doing that! 🤬 Hopefully it's just a very stupid mistake and you are just ignorant of the risk and didn't know, if so this explains it fairly...
  10. Amethyst

    Question on chin matting

    If you mean "chicks" as in females then yes it is possible to introduce a second female to a pair, assuming the male is neutered or the females are spayed, but keep in mind it can take time (can take months or years), and it does risk the current pair splitting up especially if you try to rush...
  11. Amethyst

    Safe board from Home Depot?

    Maybe, but maybe not, personally I would try to find wood that actually says the type just to be safe, many people just go with poplar for that reason. "Common board" is not one specific type of wood, it's most commonly it's pine, but could also be any similar wood like spruce or fir, which is...
  12. Amethyst


    Yeah so long as it's just the anti fungal not one with added scent, cooling chemicals, or anything like that.
  13. Amethyst


    You can also give dust baths with anti fungal powder in it. Here is a website with some good info Ringworm(Skin Fungus)
  14. Amethyst

    Timothy hay packing

    That sounds sketchy to me, I personally wouldn't trust that. I know some companies do pack their hay just in boxes, no bags, but they are new boxes not reused Amazon boxes.
  15. Amethyst

    Chinchilla fur chewing

    One important thing to keep in mind with wheels is ones that are actually safe for chins are not what you find in pet stores, and not cheap. You need a wheel that is at the bare minimum 14" in diameter, assuming the chin is small, but for most a 15-16" wheel is much better. You also want one...
  16. Amethyst

    Separating bonded chinchillas?

    The best way, unless the male is neutered, is to just separate them, but keep the cages near enough that they can still see and talk to each other. Make sure they are kept at least 6" apart or they can still breed through the bars. The bond chins have isn't really as strong as some animals where...
  17. Amethyst

    Traveling with chin

    That site is useless, I see nothing about safely transporting chinchillas (or safely traveling with pets period), and since chins need such controlled environment there really is no chinchilla safe to take them on trips. Taking them outside on trips is risky so going out should be limited to...
  18. Amethyst

    New member! Hi!

    Welcome, chins can be kind of like chips, you get one and want more, lol. Growing up between my sisters and I we had 12 chins, only two were from an accidental litter, so no judgment on having 10. :) It's pretty fun to have a small herd worth of them.
  19. Amethyst

    Does this look like ringworm?

    Unfortunately none of those pics are clear, so it's hard to tell what it looks like. That is not a common spot for ringworm though, ringworm is more common around the face or privates where it's a moist area that promotes the fugal growth. Does he normally get his tail wet, like sits in his pee...
  20. Amethyst

    Another old man chinchilla food question - Pellets edition

    I've never fed it but Science Selective is suppose to be a good food, it's one of the top recommended chinchilla specific foods right now, and a lot of chins seem to like it a lot more then Mazuri or Oxbow. It's more like nuggets instead of pellets so it is something different, they are bigger...