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    Hides cube?

    I’m making cage liner sets, and wanted to have a hidey cube, but I’m cautious because I don’t see one without exposed seams. I know these guys chew on absolutely everything, so I’m hesitant to add that to the set. Thoughts?
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    Free Chin Supplies

    Did you find a home for the supplies?
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    Galvalume Pans

    I'm looking for a Ferret/Critter Nation base pan with the 3" side. I live in Michigan - do you have any available, or will you have any soon? The 2 1/2 side would work as well, though I d prefer the 3" sides.
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    New Chin Mommy

    Hi Everyone, After lurking on this forum for almost a month before I got my first chin, I decided to speak up. Just got him on Thursday, and he's already getting more comfortable. I was so excited when I offered him a small shredded wheat and he passed up the treat to sniff my hand, and my...