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  1. RDZCRanch

    New dust bath product.

    Thanks for the information! Sounds like a cost effective alternative. A lot of people have samples or requested samples. I should have a sample showing up later this week. From what I have heard so far, it seems to be a heavier dust than blue cloud. I'll see how it goes with my chins. I've got a...
  2. RDZCRanch

    chinchillas in 4-H

    One of the chinchilla show organizations has a chinchilla 4-H program. It's not very popular since 4-H programs don't typically look past regular farm animals, but we do have about 15 4-H members right now. 4-H Empress membership is $25 for a year and...
  3. RDZCRanch

    ECBC Southern Atlantic Branch Show - January 9th, 2016 - Roxboro, NC

    Amanda at Meadowbrook Chins is graciously donating two chinchilla fur cowls to the ECBC Southern Atlantic Branch to help out with costs for our show! Raffle tickets will be $5 each and you can specify which you'd like your ticket to go for. Our paypal is [email protected] or you can...
  4. RDZCRanch

    No more blue cloud

    Cornelia, I passed on this information to the ECBC national board. Hoping we can get something worked out! This sounds like a great alternative to the new, very high pricing on blue cloud dust. Thank you for testing it out and letting everyone know about it!
  5. RDZCRanch

    ECBC Washington State Show Dec 5, 2015

    Woops! Looks like the results never got posted here. We aren't on here often, but here are the results from the show earlier this month. Standard show Class 1 CC Ryan Chinn RCC None Class 2 CC Sumiko De La Vega RCC Narcissus Kimball Class 3 CC RDZC Ranch RCC None Class 4 CC Sumiko De La...
  6. RDZCRanch

    2015 California ECBC Sanctioned Show - Jan 24-25, 2015

    It is less than three weeks away from the California state show and we still need some sponsors! We have a couple of options for helping out. First and foremost...if you are a vendor, please consider donating something to our show's raffle table! It is free publicity for your business (just...
  7. RDZCRanch

    2014 California ECBC Spring Field Day and Rancher Seminars - 4/4 - 4/5

    The show was very fun! We missed you Cornelia and I hope your husband is recovering well! I don't know the exact placings of everything, but I do know how a few classes did. There were 5 classes for the standards...around 45 or so total, I believe and about 30 something mutations. It wasn't a...
  8. RDZCRanch

    2014 California ECBC Spring Field Day and Rancher Seminars - 4/4 - 4/5

    I will be there! I'm not sure if I can make it on Friday, but I should know by this weekend. I've been to busy preparing for my Alaska trip to remember to prepare for the show! Eek!
  9. RDZCRanch

    Western Ohio ECBC Show

    It says on the website to send show announcements to [email protected]. I guess I need to put it at the very top of the page to make it more obvious. I just checked my email and I have not received one show announcement for the show season.
  10. RDZCRanch

    Selling diseased animals

    You do understand that silent carriers CAN be treated, right? If you treat all the animals that came in contact with an infected animal in the last 6 weeks you should be able to treat all the carriers. Where you run into a problem is if people don't use bleach or practice other hygienic regimens...
  11. RDZCRanch

    Selling diseased animals

    Mark, I have never loved you more than I do tonight. Your response is incredibly detailed and gives all of the correct information on this infection in chinchillas. Hopefully your response will clear up some of these misconceptions and keep people from jumping to killing entire herds over this.
  12. RDZCRanch

    Selling diseased animals

    Why in the blue blazes would you recommend killing an entire herd for a bacterial infection with a 1% mortality rate?????? You do know we have things for fighting bacterial infections. They are called antibiotics.
  13. RDZCRanch

    Unknown afterbirth 3 nights after initial labor

    More than likely it was a mummified kit that you found after it was almost fully consumed by the mom. Most breeders don't find a mummified kit because it is consumed after being expelled. They are usually expelled during the birth of the healthy live kit, but if it were in the opposite uterine...
  14. RDZCRanch

    Deformed or failed resorbed fetus

    Did the kit smell bad? If there was little to no smell, pyo is not likely. More likely is that something went wrong with the kit late term and her body has been resorping it to the point that it will pass with ease. It's very large for a mummified kit, but what you describe as far as feel is...
  15. RDZCRanch

    Mom attacking babies

    I would go ahead and wean the two 180g kits and try to reintroduce the 150g kit back to mom. Also, check mom's nipples to make sure she doesn't have scabs or other wounds from the kits fighting for milk. For larger litters that seem hard on the mom, I usually wean when they hit 6 weeks and are...
  16. RDZCRanch

    What Age Do You Ear Tag

    In the ECBC show manual it doesn't actually specify which part of the body the brand is supposed to face on the animal, it just says care should be taken to hide the brand from the judges eyes. If you tag the upper part of the ear, the brand should face in to the ear. If you tag the lower...
  17. RDZCRanch

    What Age Do You Ear Tag

    In the past I usually tag the animals when they are going to go into breeding, at the request of a new owner, or when we are about to go to show. So anywhere from 5 months to about a year. They don't freak out when you tag them. You do it quickly in the right ear with the brand facing the...
  18. RDZCRanch

    Ear Tags: Do you put your ranch brand on them?

    A lot of small breeders just do numbers without letters and our ranch brand. The number may not match with the animal's number, but the number is unique for that animal. I ordered 1-100 and I am in the 70's now. Once I reach 100, I will order 101-200 for my next tags. So, any future chins I...
  19. RDZCRanch

    Ear Tags: Do you put your ranch brand on them?

    ECBC show rules state that the tag must have a brand for sanctioned shows. The combination of brand and number makes the tags more unique which offers you, the rancher, more protection and accurate records. Protection at shows for positive identification of your animals.
  20. RDZCRanch

    Tiny baby

    In my opinion, she is just small. True dwarves have a peculiar gait and shortened feet. Her feet appear to be normal length/size.