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  1. oxchincerelyxo

    Prayers needed for HedgeMom

    I don't even know what to say right now...I know she's in good company...and her memory will live on through all the lives she has touched
  2. oxchincerelyxo

    My wedding Items

    oh Tara that's super cute! I know you'll rock the heck outta that thang :tease:
  3. oxchincerelyxo

    okay I swear I'm still alive!

    hahaha that's true!!! I meant CNH...I think I'll always think of it as CNQ first because that's what it was when I joined forever ago... wow it's been too long...where's my head?!?! :wacko:
  4. oxchincerelyxo

    My wedding Items

    wow what a neat site! thanks!
  5. oxchincerelyxo

    My wedding Items

    My wedding is October 19th 2011. It's helpful for me having it on a Wed. (my family is flying out so it's cheaper for them too) to cut costs of vendors etc. Send me a link to your dress!!! here's my dress <3 I'm not sure what color I want...
  6. oxchincerelyxo

    My wedding Items

    Tara, don't worry about the family nonsense. My family is pulling the same thing. We can be excited for each other (especially seeing as my wedding is the same week as yours!) Keep posting the pics! Have you picked out your dress yet? We should compare notes :thumbsup:
  7. oxchincerelyxo


    You may want to try slipping your hand under him to lift him up and then placing your hand on his tail. He may just be uncomfortable with you grabbing his tail. One of my boys will jump into my hand and then let me hold his tail, but if I try to pick him up he'll kack at me it's worth a shot ;)
  8. oxchincerelyxo

    Funny chinchilla pictures to share :)

    what nice shots! thanks for sharing!
  9. oxchincerelyxo

    okay I swear I'm still alive!

    I just realized how long it's been since making a post. I've been so busy that aside from watching the site I haven't been very active on here! Update: All the chins are well...I found home for two of the three kits and have kept the runt. He is growing slowly but is still a healthy happy boy...
  10. oxchincerelyxo

    Chinchilla humping...people?

    Hopefully it's just a phase. I have 3 adults and luckily all of them skipped that phase with me! I would just suggest waiting it out, really nothing else you can do. Are you checking him for hair rings? Espeically if he has a cuddle buddy, be sure to check him on a regular basis. Good...
  11. oxchincerelyxo

    having seperation anxiety and they haven't even left yet!

    I've rehomed before, and it just hasn't ever been this bad! I think it's also that this was my first set of kits to be born in my house, and I've been with them since day one...I know they'll have a great home, but why can't that be with me :cry3: I wish I had a rich husband that could buy me...
  12. oxchincerelyxo

    having seperation anxiety and they haven't even left yet!

    :laughitup: okay now I don't feel as bad... I almost called the people back to say she is unavailable, but I know they'll give them a good home. They're driving 6 hours today to come and get them! Hopefully all goes well...if not I might have to ninja chop them and run off with my girls :wink2:
  13. oxchincerelyxo

    having seperation anxiety and they haven't even left yet!

    I was lucky enough to find a home for the female kit who was born to a rescue who recently came to me, and the people want to take the mom too! I know this is great, but I've become very fond of both girls. The girl is my favorite of the litter and the mom is really sweet. They'll be picked up...
  14. oxchincerelyxo

    Please help!! :'(

    any updates? This girl needs a vet asap...I hope it wasn't too late :wacko:
  15. oxchincerelyxo

    Time to wean?

    I have 3 babies who are just a week or so older than yours and they're doing fine with the ledges. Make sure that the spacing between ledges, floor and hammock (s) aren't too wide though. I made some extra hammocks and laid them throughout the cage, but after a week of being in there they've...
  16. oxchincerelyxo

    Time to wean?

    yes you'll want to remove the males from her cage because at 8 or 9 weeks they can impregnate her. Just make sure they are at a healthy weight and are eating on their own. They should be fine though. As for introducing the mom to a new female, just make sure you read up on intros and be...
  17. oxchincerelyxo

    Eye Problem

    You need to get the eye open and try and clean anything you can see outta there. If crust is building on his lids, hold the cloth on his eye until they either fall off or you can gently remove them with your fingers. You can try using some human eye solution (which I have used several times on a...
  18. oxchincerelyxo

    Chinchilla pregnant weight ? Please help.

    not to be an echo, but I also got my syringes from my vet. Do you have a vet for your chins? If you don't I suggest you get one in case there are any difficulties if your chin is pregnant.
  19. oxchincerelyxo


    does he have any coolers in his cage and fresh water? Any updates?
  20. oxchincerelyxo

    Fleece or shavings?

    I tried fleece for a while, and went back shavings. For me, I don't do enough laundry to keep with the rotation of the liners. I have 4 chinchillas too so if I waited till laundry day, they would smell pretty badly like pee. I tried using a litter box with shavings in addition to the liners...