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    Spike lost his appetite???

    Hi, Spike is turning 3 in two weeks. He suddenly has lost interest in his food. This is strange as he has been on the same food his whole life and never had any issue. The food was recommended by the hedgehog farm he came from. It's called Spike's Delight Hedgehog food and is high protein low...
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    White Stool

    Thanks for your response! Yes, it was quite a shock!! He has since had normal colored stool but that really doesn't make me feel any better. I will keep a watchful eye and definitely take a stool sample to the vet. (I promise to update as soon as I learn anything!) Thanks also for the tip on...
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    White Stool

    I have not changed the diet of my hedgehog at all, but last night he had white feces. This has never happened before. I read white stool (in people) signifies a lack of bile.. Has anyone ever experienced this with their hedgehog before? Some background: Spike has had the same food his whole...
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    Things toxic and dangerous to hedgehogs

    some plants are toxic to animals. for example, Chrysanthemum (mums) are toxic to hedgehogs!
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    Hedgie had green stool today - please help!

    Thanks for that info :) I do believe the freeze-dried mealworms had something to do with it now. His stool returned to normal the next day -- I waited another day to feed him a mealworm, and then he experienced a slight bit more of mucous-y green stool, followed by normal stool again. I am...
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    Hedgie had green stool today - please help!

    Thank you so, so much! Yes, the stool was mucousy rather than liquid. And his stool has always been (prior to this) a similar color to his pelleted food -- I use Spike's Ultra Hedgehog food by Pet-Pro which was used by the breeder...
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    Hedgie had green stool today - please help!

    My hedgehog Spike had green stool today that was sticky and somewhat liquidy, almost gelatinous. It appeared forest green but the residue was brighter green. This is not typical -- his stool is usually dark brown and not liquidy at all. There were 2 changes to his routine recently ... First, I...