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  1. kimbt622

    possible seizure?

    Hi guys! haven't posted in while, but felt I could use some guidance after this incident. My oldest chin Liv is going on 4 years old and has always been healthy. They usually get a fairly long playtime every other night (30-40 minutes) and a shredded wheat treat afterwards. I noticed yesterday...
  2. kimbt622

    Its been one whole year!!

    bahahahahahah i'm dying. Anna, that is hilarious. But Liv is jealous that he's not included in the love triangle. "what's up with that?"
  3. kimbt622

    Who's excited for Harry Potter?!?!

    OMG Spoof I agree hahah! The aging techniques were very sad. But overall, I thought the movie was fantastic. I've been a fan since the books came out and it was sad to see it ending but definitely saved the best for last. I found myself laughing, crying, yelling, clinging to the seat and...
  4. kimbt622

    What to expect when introducing chinchillas?

    You never know what you're going to get with two unique chins and although little fights could be normal for one pair, they may escalate quickly for another. You just have to keep a very close eye and be prepared to separate when needed. Chins can be brutal to each other. However; kacking...
  5. kimbt622

    cats, kittens and chinchillas

    I have a girl cat who's almost 1 year old and 6 boy chins. The chins came first, although I do have another cat that's my mom's but she never even comes out often enough to see my chins. Anyway, Buffy (the almost 1 year old) is my cat and she spends most of her time in my bedroom where my chins...
  6. kimbt622

    multiple eye problems?

    Okay, thanks Michelle. My vet is pretty good about helping us out financially as much as he can so if I can't bring Harley initially, maybe I will talk to him about it and see if he will let me bring him in alone without charging or a discount. I guess i'm just perplexed as to why they would...
  7. kimbt622

    multiple eye problems?

    Hi guys! Things have been crazy over here but I just wanted to post real quick because i'm pretty perplexed. I've noticed this past weekend that Liv has what looks like matted fur under both his eyes most likely from moisture. He is eating fine, playing, pooping well, drinking, no pawing at his...
  8. kimbt622

    Happy Birthday Kimmy

    Thank you sissy! and thank you michelle and sandi, I feel so loved! :D
  9. kimbt622

    Oh Shelly

    i love my niece! she knows how to keep her mother in order :tease:
  10. kimbt622

    Howdy from New Jersey!

    Welcome Chris! I'm in New Jersey as well, where abouts are you?
  11. kimbt622

    Updated pics

    Baahah look at my niece! Her cage is so beautifully decorated ;) Maybe she should take up a career and decorate my boys' cages, they don't have the best taste. I love the one of her in the sink! My girl <3
  12. kimbt622

    cause for celebration!

    I know! I cant believe it. It feels like we were just trying to decide on names and now they're big fatties going on ski trips and what not.
  13. kimbt622

    cause for celebration!

    Thanks everyone! They are very appreciative of all the birthday wishes, they're resting now from an exciting day :)
  14. kimbt622

    cause for celebration!

    So, yesterday was Milo and Ace's 1st birthday! They've grown up so fast I can't even believe it. They got some special treats, an extra long playtime and a party with their buddies, Giz and Shelly ;) I snapped a couple pictures of the birthday boys celebrating, they're so cool now that they're...
  15. kimbt622


    Welcome, from a fellow Kimmy! :D
  16. kimbt622

    here are... the boys!

    Kirby is the pink-white sleepy head, the 4th picture :)
  17. kimbt622

    here are... the boys!

    I think Liv found an oat on the floor and was eating it. Or he's checking out the dolphin... very possible as well. :D Michelle, do you want them back this summer? ;) hahah
  18. kimbt622

    here are... the boys!

    Milo is a dark phase violet :) and the third picture, Ace, is also a violet... he's Milo's brother but he's light phase. Thank you! And thanks Sandi ;) they appreciate it
  19. kimbt622

    here are... the boys!

    This morning when cleaning cages I decided to snap a couple pictures of the boys. Indy was being stubborn and I couldn't get a good one of his grumpy face, but everybody else is here. Kirb and Harley were sleepy. My trio was running around like mad men! Enjoy!
  20. kimbt622

    Meet Herman!

    Laurie he is so precious! I really can't get over him! He has such a good spirit for a little guy :D