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  1. ChinnyMom

    First Bath!

    my boys get their dust baths in their cage about half the time. the other half they get to go into the human's bathtub (fully dried and everything removed (shampoo bottles, etc)). just take out their food if you are bathing them in the cage, as dust will fly everywhere and you don't want it...
  2. ChinnyMom

    unrestricted playtime- any arguments against

    just a note about couches and chins.......... they WILL find their way inside! this i know, lol. had to tip the couch over (yes, gently and slowly) to get my Guss out one day when, after totally going over the whole room six times to ensure it was safe for them to come out, the Guss found...
  3. ChinnyMom

    and the chinnymom comes back! lol

    hi all! long time no see, no talk! i took a break from forum life for quite some time, but now i'm back! still have my Rhino and Guss, and they are still living happily together in their big homemade cage (just built a new base for it recently - new bigger casters on it are a godsend, haha!)...
  4. ChinnyMom

    So proud of my 85 year old mother and her German Shepherd!!!

    congratulations to your mom and her pup!!!!!! just goes to show that age says nothing about what you can accomplish!
  5. ChinnyMom

    To leave or not to leave

    stay. that way you get your chin fix until your next chin comes home :))
  6. ChinnyMom

    Rough Wood?

    i just use an old hand saw, all i have available to me for wood cutting. my saw is older than me! lol. makes for some tricky maneuvering when i want to make smaller whirlies (i don't dare try cutting coins!), but for my boys' own personal stash of wood, looks don't matter too much, and rough...
  7. ChinnyMom

    How long can new wood be stored before processing?

    i have a bunch of apple wood stored outdoors on my patio that hasn't been processed. i keep it dry and covered. been there since last year and it's still perfectly fine. i just grab a couple branches at a time for processing, that way i'm not baking wood for hours upon end, lol. a few days...
  8. ChinnyMom

    That was strange...

    genius chin!
  9. ChinnyMom

    Pinecones for chewtoys?

    only 100% organic pine cones from trees that are on the safe wood list are ok for chins, from what i have gathered. no cones from spruce trees! (spruce is toxic to chins) so unless you know for sure that the pine cones you see are from a chin safe tree, have never been sprayed, the tree...
  10. ChinnyMom

    problem new chinchilla

    they will be fine separated. they will be better off separated too. chins don't NEED a cagemate, that is simply what we WANT for them.
  11. ChinnyMom

    problem new chinchilla

    keep them separated. without pedigrees or health history of these chins, or the health of their 'family tree', these chins should not be bred. genetic problems can show up in the kits and that means a low quality of life that could otherwise have been prevented by not breeding them in the...
  12. ChinnyMom

    Re: weird behaviors

    agreed. both my boys are pellet hogs and will clean out their bowl before they touch hay. as for not pooping during playtime, that's normal too. for the first while when i had Rhino, he wouldn't poop outside his cage much at all. now with two chins coming out for play at the same time, i...
  13. ChinnyMom

    kishi cute her leg!

    get some blue kote. it's an antiseptic liquid. be very careful when applying it! blue kote will stain everything it touches. and keep an eye on her to make sure she isn't chewing or aggravating the site.
  14. ChinnyMom

    How do these cages look?

    the first one looks to be about the same size as a single level ferret nation, which is perfectly suitable for one chin size wise. but that teensy little door is going to make cage cleaning a pain in the tookus! the second one is bigger, and the doors are better suited for cage access, but...
  15. ChinnyMom

    Anyone know good website for chins?

    ChinChic is AnnieO, fyi.
  16. ChinnyMom

    cage problems

    as long as she is getting daily attention from you, being in a room by herself is just fine. when i had just Rhino before i got Guss, he was in my bedroom from day one and i would be sure to visit him throughout the day and evening, give him attention, check on his food and water, etc...
  17. ChinnyMom


    the bolded areas - chins don't like to be held for the most part, and with a young chin, they like to be held and restrained even less. stop trying to restrain him. stop trying to hold him still so much. yes, he does have to learn that being handled is something that he must behave for...
  18. ChinnyMom

    Any way to discourage whisker chewing?

    Marika is the dominant chin in this situation, and she is chewing Mira's whiskers down to show that dominance. maybe cut back Marika's whiskers? i haven't had to do this myself with my boys, but i have read here on the forum that cutting back the dominant chin's whiskers can help to lessen...
  19. ChinnyMom

    Can chinchillas pick up on emotions?

    i fully believe animals pick up on our emotions. when we are mad, upset, happy, etc we release certain pheromones and animals sense those pheromones. while they may not be able to pinpoint your exact emotion, they receive communication from those pheromones. this is why a dog will bite you...