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  1. CalicoPrairie

    What happened to my chinchilla? Was he suffocating/choking? Please help.

    I'm not an expert, but that sounds like a seizure. I'm not sure what to do about it, because my girl died after her seizure. Makes me sad just thinking about it. Wishing you and your little one all you need to get him through this time.
  2. CalicoPrairie

    Ava checking out the new item

    LOL, I just finished up making hammocks for all my little ones and they weren't sure about them either at first. Now they all hang out in them, especially in the morning when it's chilly.
  3. CalicoPrairie

    Chin not pooping as much

    Chinchillas have cecotropes, which are often mistaken as poops, but they aren't. They eat them for their nutrition, just like rabbits. Are the regular poops able to be smashed, or are they mostly hard? My chins' poops vary from chin to chin, and if any of them looks different than usual, I give...
  4. CalicoPrairie

    Heartbroken, decisions to be made...

    Chilipepper---it sounds like you have a ton going on, which makes these situations very difficult. Your best is good enough, even if it's not what others would do. Just do your best.
  5. CalicoPrairie

    Chins and dogs

    I'll muddy them too. Our Vizsla loves our chinchillas and vice versa. Visits are always supervised and are very few and far between due to busyness, but they do love each others' company. I don't think I would allow the chins around our two small dogs, though---they are more apt to chase them...
  6. CalicoPrairie

    Bright Orange Teeth

    Yep--exactly what you want. :)
  7. CalicoPrairie

    Questions on daily cage care

    My setup is different from yours, but here goes anyway. All of my chins are on fleece pads, so they pee and poop on them every. single. night. A LOT. So, every morning, I dump all the poop off and turn over the pads. I change those every Sunday and Wednesday. They all have tiles in their cages...
  8. CalicoPrairie

    New Babies.

    They are beautiful babies! Congrats!
  9. CalicoPrairie

    adopting chin from petsmart please help

    This is what I did. The wellness check was nice, but my other motive for taking them was to get to know the vet and see if she is someone I can depend on/work with.
  10. CalicoPrairie

    Dust bath depth?

    I share dust pans amongst my chins too, and I only put in about 1/4" inch in each of the three. I only have 5 chins who bathe twice per week, and I customarily change out the dust once per week.
  11. CalicoPrairie

    Chinchilla cage DIY

    Wow, really neat! Love the fleece walls. :) And those close up shots just say, "You talkinta ME?" like no other chin photos, ha ha.
  12. CalicoPrairie

    2 outta 2!

    Welcome! :D
  13. CalicoPrairie


  14. CalicoPrairie

    Box of Wood and Chew Tubes - FREE

    I messaged you! Sorry I didn't get this sooner, I was out playing with the chinnies. :)
  15. CalicoPrairie

    whole bale storage??

    I actually prefer not to keep it in a tub, but I'm concerned about mice peeing or pooping on it in our barn--not that I think we have a mice issue, I do it so I don't attract them to the hay. Is it worse to wrap it, or worse if mice get in it, Michellemazz? I'm concerned about it because it's...
  16. CalicoPrairie

    jumped off the banister onto stairs

    I would probably wait and keep an eye on her, personally. If she starts to act funny at all---like different than she usually does, then perhaps you can get her into the vets earlier, but otherwise, and this is just me, I would wait until the vets office is open versus going to emergency.
  17. CalicoPrairie


    Great info, thanks for sharing this! I'm trying to learn how to choose hay for my goats, so this is really handy info. :)
  18. CalicoPrairie

    Chinchilla not bonding

    Is he showing aggression by biting you? If not, it's probably more normal than you think. I have 5 chins and only a couple of them like me to touch them, though I treat them all the same. Some push my hands away, some just don't want to have anything to do with me. I just keep trying and...
  19. CalicoPrairie

    whole bale storage??

    I buy compressed timothy bales for my rabbits and chins and keep it in an 18 gallon tub. It doesn't immediately all fit in there when it's new, but after a while it does. Before that, I just kept it in the shrink wrap plastic that it comes in with no issues at all. For a full bale, I would try...
  20. CalicoPrairie

    Box of Wood and Chew Tubes - FREE

    I'm interested. Is it the medium box that is around $12 to ship? If so, I can pay you today with paypal. :)