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    She's so cute. Does she like scratches behind the ears?
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    Chinchillas generating electricity

    What a neat idea. I had a hamster and he had a wheel like that. It would be good to use all that energy for a good reason.
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    Excessive scratching at ears and chewing of paws

    @MiniAmazon glad to hear that you found out the issue and she's getting better.
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    Excessive scratching at ears and chewing of paws

    I hope she gets to feeling better.
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    I have a 22 year old chin with eye problems

    How is he doing now? Did you call a vet and ask if they can have allergies, and if so can you give them a small amount of something such as Benedryl?
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    Some photos to enjoy!

    I like to share photos I've taken that can give you a mental vacation. So these are from the Pensacola Fl and Pensacola Beach photos. Pensacola Beach the water is the Gulf of Mexico A caboose in the media of a street near downtown Pensacola FL This is the view from the 4th floor...
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    Mr. Minato goes to Heaven❤️

    So sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you at this difficult time. I know Minato was pretty special to you. I bet he felt that and was grateful for all you have done for him.
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    Chinchilla treats

    Mostly we give our pets treats for training, reward, or simply to spoil them. I know chins have plenty of restricted diets or intakes. But what are your chin's favorite treats healthy or not?
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    Hello from Shetland

    Glad to have you, Dee. Welcome! You'll absolutely learn on here. It's a tremendous resource. Great that you decided to have chinchillas. I'm so excited for you. Good luck.
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    Are your chins hysterical for hay?

    I know, it wasn't about haysteria.:LOL: And that's certainly good news. It appears he's just following a good diet plan.😀
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    Why Chinchilla and Hedgehogs??

    Hey Freddie, how's your chinchilla? I hope he/she is still OK. Is he/she not the oldest living chinchilla?
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    2023 wishes

    Any 2023 resolution? Chin-related or not.
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    White discharge coming from Chinchilla

    Hey, just noticed that it's your 2nd anniversary today on the forum. Congrats! I've noticed also two beautiful chins on your avatar. Did you have them together ever since?
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    Are your chins hysterical for hay?

    That sounds great. I bet he won't be hysterical for hay anymore!:D
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    Tail biting

    Hey, I'm just curious, Is there any progress? I hope he's just alright. Please keep the updates coming.
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    I wish everyone a healthy and happy 2023!

    Happy New Year! Cheers!🎷🥁🪘
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    Another pet

    Hey, how's your hamster? Would be great if you can share some pics here.
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    Looking to Rehome my Chin, New Jersey

    Hey, I'm just curious, did you ever find a new home for Greece?
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    Automatic feeder

    I think they won't allow chins inside for this reason.:LOL:
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    Automatic feeder

    I see. As long as it treats you well, it should be okay. Haha, the dispenser must be smarter than your chins, right?:LOL: