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  1. Jawramik

    Looking for the best prices on toys and chews!

    You might also check out Farmer Dave's. Homepage No idea if they're any cheaper than what you've already found, but they sell a variety of woods and sizes and sell pretty large lots of them. Check out Etsy too. That's where I buy a lot of my chew toys. It's not always super cheap, but if...
  2. Jawramik

    A barking wuss?

    It's so funny, my chin is the exact opposite. She hardly vocalises at all. When she does, it's just the occasional soft chirp. I've only ever heard her bark once, when I was trying to pull out a little tuft of her fur that was shedding out but hadn't yet come all the way out. She apparently...
  3. Jawramik

    What do you do with your used Aspen Shavings?

    I do this too! I shake out my fleece liners over my front flower bed before tossing them in the wash. But that's all I do. I just toss the used aspen shavings from the litterbox in the trash. Though now that I'm thinking about it.... there's a compost bin at my work that we use for the garden...
  4. Jawramik

    Chinchilla Excessively Drooling

    The vet is technically correct that there are risks with general anaesthesia for small mammals (frankly, there are risks for all animals, including humans), but there are times when the potential benefits outweigh the risks, and there are times where there's just no way to make a diagnosis (and...
  5. Jawramik

    Chinchilla Excessively Drooling

    I think you need to find a vet who is willing to put her under and really do a thorough exam of her teeth. As Amethyst said, it's obvious something is wrong, all signs point to her teeth being the culprit, and it's not possible to properly examine her teeth without putting her under, scoping...
  6. Jawramik

    Hay Cubes

    Just wanted to pop back into this thread to say that this hay feeder seems to reduce waste at least as well as the Etsy one I posted earlier, and is much less pricey...
  7. Jawramik

    DIY toy tutorial collection?

    I don't know of any products offhand, but that would be pretty easy to make yourself. Just get some stainless steel wire, like is sold for making jewelry, and string it with whatever you like.
  8. Jawramik

    Chinchillas generating electricity

    My chin literally took MONTHS to start using her wheel. I had a friend make me an absolutely beautiful wooden wheel, and I felt awful because 3+ months in, my chin hadn't touched it, even when I tried to lure her on it with treats and dust (she'd grab the treats, but get startled and jump off...
  9. Jawramik

    Wood Ledges

    Pandamonium Pets and ChinSurfers (you can Google them, pretty sure they both sell on Etsy in addition to having their own websites) both make awesome ledges in many shapes and sizes, and also sell sets of ledges that are cheaper than buying them individually. I wouldn't say either is exactly...
  10. Jawramik

    Wood shelves - big or small?

    Looks awesome, I bet your chin(s) is loving it!
  11. Jawramik

    Hay Cubes

    Just an idea, but....could this maybe be the problem? Is it possible that he's just gotten sick of his usual hay? I've noticed that my chin does seem to get bored/sick of having the same hay. I'll change up the brand, or even the type of hay, and she'll get excited about it again. She's the same...
  12. Jawramik

    Hay Cubes

    I use this hay feeder: Pandamonium Hay Rack - Etsy It does seem to reduce the amount of hay my chin flings around.
  13. Jawramik

    Hay Cubes

    If you want to try timothy-only cubes, I know that Small Pet Select makes them. You can order them off Amazon. My chin really enjoys them, although I also give her loose hay. You could also try things like timothy hay balls (and I think there are a few other forms, like mats and "stacks"). I...
  14. Jawramik

    Mr. Minato goes to Heaven❤️

    I'm so sorry for your loss. Losing pets is definitely the hardest part of having and loving them, but I think all the joy they give us is worth it. Minato was beautiful and it sounds like he was a total sweetheart. He had a great life with you and it's obvious how much you loved him. I'm sure he...
  15. Jawramik

    Chinchilla staying in one place

    My chin will sometimes be a little lethargic and stand-offish when she's sleepy. She'll just sit on a shelf and watch me rather than running over to me if I open up her cage during her "sleepy time" (which is usually in the afternoon). Is your chin exhibiting this lethargic behaviour all the...
  16. Jawramik

    Concerned about urine colour

    It looks within the normal colour range for chin pee to me. My chin's urine is that colour sometimes. It can be a little alarming, since it's a much darker colour than most animals' urine, but I don't think it's anything to be concerned about.
  17. Jawramik

    Winter travel advice (when it's unusually cold)

    I don't know for sure that a product like this even exists (though I feel like it probably does), but if you could find some sort of battery-powered/rechargeable space heater you could leave running in your car, that seems like it would probably help. Failing that, you could get some heat...
  18. Jawramik

    Poorly chinchilla

    Glad to hear it! As Amethyst said, I'd avoid the corn flakes in the future, but her interest in eating them is a good sign! You might try offering some dried rose petals, chamomile flower, rose hips, or lavender petals instead of the corn flakes. Those are my chin's favourites! Just make sure...
  19. Jawramik

    Poorly chinchilla

    Glad to hear she's been drinking on her own! Any more improvement in the last couple days?
  20. Jawramik

    What are your favorite chinchilla products?

    My chin really enjoys those woven willow vine balls. For extra fun, sometimes I'll put a treat like a rose hip or chamomile flower inside that she has to chew out. My chin also really enjoys those Kaytee Nibble Knots. They're coloured wood dowels held together like a sort of puzzle, and...