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  1. cre8ivmind

    Multiple Paternity Questions

    I still am learning to breed. However, I will hold off breeding for a while. The mother (Chaska) is pedigreed, but the father (Aldo) isn't. However, I know who the father's parents are. I still have his father (Xeldon), who since the birth I've been calling Grampa more often than his own name...
  2. cre8ivmind

    Multiple Paternity Questions

    The female was accidentally let out at the same time as the other male, and I didn't know he was out. Fortunately, it doesn't appear he's the father of the baby.
  3. cre8ivmind

    Multiple Paternity Questions

    I have a couple questions. My ebony female chinchilla Chaska gave birth to a white mosaic girl, and a stillborn ebony boy. She has been with my white mosaic male (Aldo), but also I saw her accidentally get mated by my standard gray male (Xeldon), who is the father of Aldo. They were out at the...
  4. cre8ivmind

    Does anyone play Faunasphere?

    This was posted 5 years ago, so when I went to the site, it redirected to another game site, and I couldn't find Faunasphere anywhere on that site. :(
  5. cre8ivmind

    Weight Chart

    Wow, 978 is a pretty big male. Am I right in assuming females breeding with him are even bigger than that? I'm also assuming that you sell chins weighing less than 600 for pets only.
  6. cre8ivmind

    Weight Chart

    Ideal weights Yes, the two on the bottom of the chart are males. What is your general opinion of the minimum weight of a chin for breeding? Knowing that females are larger, I expect the minimum for a female to be higher than that of a male.
  7. cre8ivmind

    Wire Mesh Bottom Cages?

    I'm wondering if wire mesh bottom cages are safe for chins. I haven't had any issues yet, but are there any risks of them breaking their legs or feet on wire mesh that is 1/2" by 1" spacing?
  8. cre8ivmind

    What are your chin's crazy nicknames

    I just call them all my cutesy-wootsies. Not very creative; but hey.
  9. cre8ivmind

    Weight Chart

    Hi, I'd like to know if any of you find this chart to be useful or interesting. I weigh my chinchillas every week in order to detect pregnancy. I weigh my males too for comparative purposes. My females are Kiyari, Taruka, and Chaska. My males are Aldo and Xeldon. Aldo is the son of Xeldon; and...
  10. cre8ivmind

    Male to Female Owners

    I'm a dude with 5 chinchillas; 3 females and 2 males.
  11. cre8ivmind

    How old were you when you got your first chin?

    I was 35. I wish I started with the cuties in my teens when I had other rodents.
  12. cre8ivmind

    What kind of chinchilla owner are you?

    I'm a pet owner and just got into breeding. Not a fan of pelting at all. I just can't look at their cute faces and say "I wanna make a coat out of a bunch of these."
  13. cre8ivmind

    How did your furbabies get their names?

    Xeldon: He was named Sheldon by his previous owner. I have a naming theme where I don't use the same initial letter for more than one pet (I have a rabbit named Sophia), so I changed the Sh to an X. Some languages pronounce the X as a sh. Aldo: The son of Xeldon. I named him by taking four...
  14. cre8ivmind

    How Many Chinchillas?

    Five currently. Soon to be more, because 2 are preggers (Taruka and Chaska).
  15. cre8ivmind

    Male to Female Ratio: Human addition!

    Wow, only 2 dudes out of 26! I'm one of them.
  16. cre8ivmind

    Buying Chin Food in Bulk

    I think I'll order the Mazuri Chin food, and also request Tractor Supply to order it. Thank you!
  17. cre8ivmind

    Buying Chin Food in Bulk

    I think the brand is Dumor. I get it from Tractor Supply. I've read that some rabbit food is okay for chinchillas, but I want to be cautious as to which ones.
  18. cre8ivmind

    Me and my 5 chinchillas

    I am new here, and I have 5 chinchillas. Aldo, Chaska, Kiyari, Taruka, and Xeldon. Xeldon is the father of Aldo.
  19. cre8ivmind

    Buying Chin Food in Bulk

    I have 5 chinchillas, and those little 3-pound bags of chinchilla food I get from a feed supply store don't last very long. Is there any chinchilla food I can order online that is in a bulk size, like maybe 10, 20 or even 50 pounds? Thank you!