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  1. Riven

    Looking for two specific chinsa

    I know this is a long shot, some of you may remember me. I had to sell my herd several years ago due to autoimmune issues. Some of my favorite chins were "sold" (money still owed) to JoEllen Wiese here in Nebraska. She later sold them and I was not notified. I would have wanted some of them...
  2. Riven

    Rivendell Chinchillas site

    I will be letting my website lapse at the end of this year. I am offering the chance for anyone who would like to use the information on the site to do so as long as it is credited to Rivendell Chinchillas. If there is information or pictures that are not mine, then they will be credited to the...
  3. Riven

    HAWS Chinchilla Rescue - Waukesha, Wisconsin

    I came here for info. Some may remember me, I raised and showed chins for about a decade and had to sell for health reasons, I have an autoimmune disease that causes my spine to fuse. I was one of the first to have recessive whites in the US and the first to import blue diamonds with a deal...
  4. Riven

    What gender is my chinchilla?

    I agree with Jags the cage is not helping and the photo is unclear. This may help. With a better picture we can also help you determine for sure. :D
  5. Riven

    New chin, fur help?

    Looks like fur chewing to me. I'd start by looking at his food, give him a good quality wheel, plenty of chews. Chewing can be genetically prone behavior, often it's due to some sort of stress. Sometimes diet, sometimes boredom, or fear (like having a big clawed cat staring you down all...
  6. Riven

    Flying Saucer Issue?

    Contact the company, it's a manufacturing fault and they should send you a new one at no cost. :D
  7. Riven

    UTI questions -

    Usually a UTI will show symptoms before a month and a half. Chances are the move put some stress on him and he didn't drink as much as he should've adding to it. Sometimes breeding females will get UTI's from being in breeding, and females get them more often due to the shorter urethra. Dawn...
  8. Riven

    Toy parts/sticks, antique trophy, fur ads, card game

    Toys and one set of card sold! Trophy and ads available and one set of cards!
  9. Riven

    Toy parts/sticks, antique trophy, fur ads, card game

    e.murphy, I haven't had any reply so if you're interested the box is yours, just let me know and we'll get it set up! Thanks
  10. Riven

    Toy parts/sticks, antique trophy, fur ads, card game

    Okay e.murphy, I'll give them a couple days to reply if not then it's a yours. :D
  11. Riven

    2014 Empress National Show- join us and celebrate our 50th anniversary Mutation Show!

    Shoot, I was hoping it would be in Denver again this year so I can set up my eye doctor's appointment and stop by! :(
  12. Riven

    Toy parts/sticks, antique trophy, fur ads, card game

    Here is the picture of the wood. :D
  13. Riven

    Would this be a good cage for a chin?

    That's a ferret nation, and excellent choice for adult chins. Baby and/or very young chins can fit through the bars.
  14. Riven

    Toy parts/sticks, antique trophy, fur ads, card game

    mordant, I will try to get a picture tomorrow after my meeting at work. If you're interested in the box of wood I'll throw in a set of cards!
  15. Riven

    Any interest in ECBC/MCBA magazines?

    These are still available... need to get my office cleaned out to finish some remodeling in the basement! :D
  16. Riven

    Toy parts/sticks, antique trophy, fur ads, card game

    Still available, I also have valves and connectors for edstrom watering system available. Help me clear these things out! Feel free to make an offer or combine items I have available.
  17. Riven

    Kit bit by rat... dragging back legs now

    There is a good chance his spinal cord is injured. He is in pain, that's why he's eating his limbs off. Rats are very strong biters. Sounds like he also had bowel and bladder issues. I am with the vet on this one. i've never seen any situation similar to this (spinal injury, not rat bite)...
  18. Riven

    breeding cages?

    Never has any issues putting them together
  19. Riven

    Toy parts/sticks, antique trophy, fur ads, card game

    I have about 5 fur ads out of old magazines for Empress furs. $10 shipped in a shipping tube if anyone is interested! I also have an old brass chinchilla cup trophy, $20 plus shipping if anyone is interested in it. The engraving is light and it's boxed already, but it's a breeder cup for NCBA...
  20. Riven

    Any interest in ECBC/MCBA magazines?

    Hey Amy, I just saw this. Let me know if you're still interested, I need to get a box for them and get them boxed up! Between work, flu, and holidays I feel like I've lost a year of time! LOL