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  1. Godins Chinchillas

    Looking in Western NY

    Ditto to above. We don't breed ebonies or whites here.
  2. Godins Chinchillas

    Import chins in US.

    The angoras are already in the US. There are a couple of other breeders working with them besides the Tuckers. Although on a much smaller scale.
  3. Godins Chinchillas

    Reasoning behind not allowing 24hr dust bath access?

    They use it as a litter box and secondly they are more apt to get eye infections. 15 minutes is all is needed. During the summer months I give it to them three times a week. During winter twice a week.
  4. Godins Chinchillas

    Blue diamond chinchilla

    I do and she did purchase one from me. Thanks for recommending me.
  5. Godins Chinchillas

    Chin Broken hip/leg bone

    I've done broken legs 3 ways. I've fixed them and they healed fine, I've amputated and they've done fine, and I've left them alone and given pain meds and they've done great. Euthanasia would not be the way to go imo. You have choices. Seeing all 3 ways to do it I've been going with strict...
  6. Godins Chinchillas

    Quads again

    Very nice whites!
  7. Godins Chinchillas

    Manna Pro Pro

    Dates on manna pro products are at the bottom of the bag on the white paper part that seals the bag. Dates could be in ordinal dates or regular dates. Ordinal dates would be something like 032H14 which means the feed was milled on the 32 day of 2014 so Feb 1st or 2nd. H would be where it was...
  8. Godins Chinchillas

    NY/NE Chapter Show

    Ditto Brandy!! It was a lot of fun.
  9. Godins Chinchillas

    NY/NE Chapter Show

    Champion white female Cristina Castelluccio Reserve Ritterspach Champion white male Baars Reserve Castelluccio Champion sapphire female Godin Champion violet female Tiffany Whitlow Reserve Poetrue's Pets Champion violet male Godin Reserve Ryerson Champion Beige female Whitlow Reserve Baars...
  10. Godins Chinchillas

    NY/NE Chapter Show

    I'll ask Paul on the trophies. I don't remember what the plan was on them. Show book ads can be sent to Brenda Walter-I believe. Brent is doing the magazines now. We are probably doing pizza again this year. So bring what you'd like for desserts or munchies.
  11. Godins Chinchillas

    NY/NE Chapter Show

    I'll pm you my list.
  12. Godins Chinchillas

    What do you personally look for in a breeding pair?

    Personally, if it was me I would start with a standard pair. Standards should be your foundation for a great herd. My herd consists of 70% standards. Without them I cannot improve on my other colors. So my main focus is on standards. Second and third focus would be blacks and blue diamonds...
  13. Godins Chinchillas

    NY/NE Chapter Show

    Plus I've pulled a few breeders that are also for sale.
  14. Godins Chinchillas

    NY/NE Chapter Show

    I'll be attending and most of my show string will be available.
  15. Godins Chinchillas

    need fostering advice for my 2 orphans

    It depends on the mom. If she has 2 then I wouldn't foster them to her. That's alot on her. If she has one then you can try. Out of curiosity why did you euthanize mom and not do a spay? I've done emergency spays on females that have had 1-3 dead kits in them. My sickest one was pregnant...
  16. Godins Chinchillas

    Grooming Tools

    Slicker brushes are probably not going to cut it. Dog and cat comb teeth are not sharp compared to actual chinchilla combs. If you don't want to buy a number 4 chinchilla comb then I would use a wider tooth dog or cat comb. Brush back to head will get the most fur out. Slicker brushes are...
  17. Godins Chinchillas

    NY/NE Chapter Show

    Date: Sept 26-27, 2014 Location: Fonda Fair Montgomery County Fairgrounds 21 S. Bridge St. Fonda, NY 12068 Exit 28 off I90 Entertainment Building Nearby Hotels: Super 8 301 N. Comrie Ave Johnstown, NY 518-736-1800 PET FRIENDLY Holiday Inn 308 N. Comrie Ave. Johnstown, NY 518-762-4686 PET...
  18. Godins Chinchillas

    1st Generation Blue Diamond I've produced

    Thanks! We should be putting her in breeding soon. She took a 1st at Nationals this yr.