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  1. Alatrye

    Cooling off?

    I had freaked out a few times when he did it himself, but he kept jumping in the moment we open the door to the refrigerator/freezer, but he's never in direct contact with the freezer floor or in the line of where the cold comes out. He's always at the bottom on top of a couple bags and I've...
  2. Alatrye

    Cooling off?

    So, I've been doing this for a couple months now and my chinchilla seems to Love it! In an effort to keep him cool when he's out and about, I open the door to my freezer and he hops right in! I leave him in there for a couple seconds to a minute and when I open the door to let him out, he's as...
  3. Alatrye

    Ways of Sleeping?

    In the Second picture, he/she looks so angry!! But Cute! :cute:
  4. Alatrye

    Chester the Chinchilla!

    So I almost ran out of his Oxbow pellets one day which I usually keep in a cup to give him some when he's out and about. So, in his endless search for his food, he tried to climb into the cup to look for his pellets!
  5. Alatrye

    Ways of Sleeping?

    Snapped a picture of him wedged between his food bowl and bars of the cage!
  6. Alatrye

    My Website

    Thank you! I really appreciate it. :)
  7. Alatrye

    My Website

    Hello all fellow Chinchilla owners! Just thought I'd post up my website for anyone who'd like to check it out; it has a lot of my artwork, music and books that I'm writing and I would love to have any comments/feedback! Here is the link for the home page where you can browse though all the...
  8. Alatrye

    So my Penny is actually a boy!

    Lol, that happened to a bird that my father and I had. We only found out when ''He'' laid an egg one Thanksgiving day! Luckily, the name Pepper fit both genders. :)
  9. Alatrye


    Welcome to the Community!
  10. Alatrye

    Hello from Maryland!

    Welcome to the Community!
  11. Alatrye


    Welcome to the Community!
  12. Alatrye

    Ways of Dust Bathing?

    So much like the 'Ways of Sleeping' thread, I decided to post another one about dust bathing and I would love to see other pictures of how Chinchillas take their baths. For Chester, I put him in the tub with a glass bowl of his dust and he just goes nuts every time! It's great to watch and...
  13. Alatrye

    Sister love

    So very Cute!
  14. Alatrye

    Pictures of Mojo

    How Cute!!:hug2:
  15. Alatrye

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to the Community! Very adorable little Chin you have! ^^
  16. Alatrye

    Hello from Pittsburgh

    Welcome to the Community! Congrats on your little Chinchilla.
  17. Alatrye

    Cuddly Chinnies!

    And I thought just One chinchilla was adorable by itself! Too much cuteness! :hug2:
  18. Alatrye

    Chinchi pics!

    Very Beautiful little Chinchilla you have! I always like seeing the White colored Chins.
  19. Alatrye

    Ways of Sleeping?

    I know exactly what you mean; Chinchillas are so loving and adorable... until you mess with them when they are sleeping! Devilish little Creatures!
  20. Alatrye

    Meet Gizmo!

    Welcome to the Community! Your little one is SOO CUTE! :hug2: