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  1. Ryu

    Favorite color/ Dream color

    Other: Blue Diamond :) I know they're weak and they're like Marmite (Ya either love it or ya hate it) But, I really do like them and at some point want to Import a Blue Diamond for myself xD Because I can't find any in the UK. Not for breeding, just as a pet :)
  2. Ryu

    Favorite/best online chin store?

    Chinchillas2shop :D And if you know what you're looking for, eBay can be okay too. But, you really need to know what you're looking for/at and how reputable the seller is.
  3. Ryu

    Hello from Colorado!

    Welcome :)
  4. Ryu


    Thanks :) I will try to do that, lol. The only problem is, who's cage would I put it in? With the male and female one, they say put the female in with the male... o.o Or, I guess, does it depend on which chin is the more relaxed?
  5. Ryu


    I currently have a 1 year and 5 month old male Chinchilla. In a few days I will be bringing home another chinchilla, which I am hoping will be male too. After Quarintine and after the new Chinchilla has settled again after being moved into my room, I would like to try and bond them. I have seen...
  6. Ryu

    Pokémon X and Y

    I used to play it, mostly Competitive VGC xD Now it's all about that ORAS. <3
  7. Ryu


    Hello there :) My name is Amy. I have owned a Chinchilla since June 2014 (He has to remain as an only chinchilla because he is Highly aggressive towards others, even his own brother who he was never split from who unfortunately didn't make it. This happened before I got him) His name is Ryu, he...