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  1. Minnow

    Chinchilla For Sale 2 Male Chinchillas Charleston WV

    Yes, they are still available. Do you live in the Charleston WV area?
  2. Minnow

    Chinchilla For Sale 2 Male Chinchillas Charleston WV

    I have come to the incredibly difficult decision that I need to part ways with my two male Chinchillas, Milo and Tesla. This wasn’t an easy decision and am not looking for anyone to tear me down over this when I already feel terrible about it. I am adult enough to understand that I have issues...
  3. Minnow

    New noise after argument?

    I have two chinchillas, both confirmed male, Milo and Tesla. Milo is a year old and Tesla will be a year old in February. They are kept in separate cages because Milo is so full of energy while Tesla is quite a bit more chill. I do let them play together outside of their cages and they've...
  4. Minnow

    Do you make cage stuff yourself?

    I don't have a way to post pictures but I make my own pillowcase liners for my critter nation cage. I think I'm pretty good at it but it's hard to mess up a straight line with a sewing machine lol! I have made my own chin buddy but it didn't turn out so good, Milo still loves it though! Last...
  5. Minnow

    Alfalfa after a year old

    I had no idea those with ebony genes could take so long to grow. I was always curious why my 1 year old looked on the small side.
  6. Minnow

    Babies with eaten off tails

    Not sure about in chinchillas but I do know that in some animals, when a baby/mate dies the mother/mate eats it to prevent predators from finding them. Perhaps it may stem from that...I'm sorry for the loss.
  7. Minnow


    Welcome! You'll find a lot of good information here. Its always nice to see new chin parents come here!
  8. Minnow

    The Dangers of Alfalfa

    I'm curious, I've heard giving oats "sucks up" the calcium. Is that true? Would it be advisable to also give them oat hay or is that not going to do anything for them? I feed my chinchillas oxbow essentials and my little one (5 month old) gets some alfalfa hay with his timothy hay.
  9. Minnow

    Chew toy ideas and tips

    My chinchillas like to shred cardboard tubes. Usually I stuff them with timothy hay or different mixes of hay for a fun shred toy. Just be sure yours doesn't eat the cardboard.
  10. Minnow

    How do I handle my chin without losing it's trust?

    Never underestimate the power of a dust bath if you're having too much trouble. I'm not sure what kind of cage you have but I've conditioned my chins when I say "Time to go home" they'll jump into the cage knowing I'll give them an oat and praise. They love being doted over haha
  11. Minnow

    Female or male.

    It looks female to me too.
  12. Minnow

    New cage question

    He's pretty bold, he's usually up for exploration and loves anything he can get into. It's a double, thank you very much for the measurements. If you think the ramps are too dangerous I'll go ahead and remove them so there's no chance of him removing the fleece and exposing the ramp wire.
  13. Minnow

    New cage question

    Hello! This may be a silly question but I just purchased a critter nation cage for my chinchilla Milo. Its still in shipping so I dont have it here with me quite yet, but I was curious if I should introduce it to him slowly so he can get used to it or if I could move him over to it immidiately...
  14. Minnow

    Hello all!

    Welcome! It can take a long time to bond chinchillas, especially four at once. How long have you been trying? I've known it to take months or even years and even then sometimes they won't bond. Even after bonding for years they can have a scuffle and need to be separated so be sure you always...
  15. Minnow

    Hii! Marshmellow and Me

    Welcome! Marshmallow sure is cute! Glad to have you here with us :)
  16. Minnow

    Your go to shop

    I'm not sure where to put this thread exactly so I'll put it here. Anyway, what's your favorite shop to buy all your chinchilla toys, food, cages, bedding etc? I personally get most of my stuff from Drs. Foster and Smith since everything is so cheap there (comparing the same exact items from...
  17. Minnow

    Chinchilla humping...people?

    At what age are chinchillas in the "teenager" stage? My chinchilla isn't very old and he humps everything! Is there a way to make him stop, at the very least, my hands when I try to clean his cage or have playtime with him? He always does it if I try to give him scratches or if I set my hand...
  18. Minnow

    Wheel question

    To test whether he used it while I was away or not I placed a bit of bedding on the very top of the wheel, not enough for him to notice it. It never fell off so I know the wheel never spin around. I had tested this for a couple weeks. The wheel turns very easily but I'm not sure what brand it...
  19. Minnow

    Ideal dust bath length of time?

    I read in a few places that chinchillas need dust baths 2-3 times a week for 15-20 minute sessions. Is this accurate? I give my little guy dust baths but he takes about a minute and he's done, I don't want to force him to take any longer but this has caused me to let him take a bath anytime he...
  20. Minnow

    Litter pan/box idea for chin that kicks out shavings in the pan

    I use a lipped bowl that came from a thing of flowers. It's wide and deep and the lip prevents Milo from kicking out the shavings.