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  1. cindyv3737

    Greetings from Italy

    Ciao. Benvenuto in CnH.
  2. cindyv3737

    What do you all do for water?

    I typically wash my bottles by hand once a week. I do not dump water daily. My girls all drink either Fiji or Arrowhead bottled water. If I were to dump water daily, I'd go broke. Tap water is terrible where I live and not an option. If I won't drink it, my chins are not going to drink it.
  3. cindyv3737

    hello from Bronx New york

  4. cindyv3737

    Hello from Alabama!

  5. cindyv3737

    Hello. Meet Sorsha

    Welcome! Willow is one of the best movies ever!
  6. cindyv3737

    Hello from NY

  7. cindyv3737


  8. cindyv3737

    Hello from Redditch, England

    Welcome! Your boys are adorable.
  9. cindyv3737

    Hello from Alabama

  10. cindyv3737

    Stuff Animal?

    AnnieO runs ChinChic and she makes the cutest cuddle buddies!
  11. cindyv3737

    New Chinparent Here!

    Welcome to the forum. Just give her time. Keep talking to her and hanging out around her cage. One of my girls barks when the a/c comes on. She's not right in her furry little head.
  12. cindyv3737

    Introducing Sunshine and Kiwi

    Welcome! They are very pretty girls.
  13. cindyv3737

    Chinchilla fur wad

    You will get kacked at, but they do need to come out. I just pulled some knotted tufts out of one of my girls. She kacked at me, but got over it quickly.
  14. cindyv3737

    Hello from Yorkshire!

  15. cindyv3737

    I'm so excited that I just have to tell somebody!

    Congratulations! Those little victories always feel amazing.
  16. cindyv3737

    Separate sleeping areas?

    They won't always sleep together. I have a bonded pair that will sleep on their own or sleep together. It just depends on their mood.
  17. cindyv3737

    Greetings from Rhode Island!

    Welcome! I'm so glad you are doing your homework. I wish I had before I got my first chin. It would have saved me a lot of money.
  18. cindyv3737

    goofy chin

    So cute. My girls are all tube junkies too. Chins are such goofy little balls of puff.