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  1. macygray

    watery eye

    My chinchilla had the same thing when I just got him...The vet just gave me drops and that cleared it up. I suppose then if it doesnt work there is another problem that should be checked further.....!
  2. macygray

    Chin Art

    That is ME! And I thought someone was pretending to be me for some unknown reason, haha. Thanks for that guys! Mae x
  3. macygray

    What did your Secret Santa get you?

    I love the chinnie cup! I thought that was a sugar bowl beside..Or something? What is it Kristy?
  4. macygray

    Happy birthday macy!

  5. macygray


    Very nice.............Love ebonies!! And he appears to be an extra dark! Beautiful Megan!
  6. macygray


    Well I can tell you I have always written on my walls and I dont think I am turning into any sort of criminal. I always write phrases..or lyrics of songs on my walls..but i got bored of them and painted over. I am not a parent nor nothing near but I wouldnt see a problem with letting her use a...
  7. macygray

    Halloween chin pics

    Hahaha, that third picture of the first post is just priceless! Looked like the all cooperated for you! I could never get Macy to sit still for 1 second...
  8. macygray

    Christmas Chinchis

    Thanks! So far so good haha. That is my christmas card, yes Sherry (: x
  9. macygray


    LIZZZZZ! Shes beautiful! Look at those cheeks! Hahaha! Can't believe it...and I TOLD you she was going to be born on the 12th remember?? Same birthday as mine ;) Wow!
  10. macygray

    Just a ball of Ears, Whiskers and tails

    Aw hahahaha. Adorable. Lovely coats on 'em!!!
  11. macygray

    Christmas Chinchis

    Soooo saying you cannot comment in sale threads...Let me know what you guys think here. (It will be a year this December since Macy Gray passed! I miss him lots but I know he is doing just fine.) Thanks Family! Mae xo
  12. macygray

    where do you keep your chins? many others I kept my chinchilla in my basement too. It was open though, nice and cool and didnt have to start using the aircon until we got into the middle of summer or so. Quiet enough in the daytime too, easy to let him out :)
  13. macygray

    YAY! Congrats Handbag and Annieo!

    Haha congrats. Which is handbag? :/ Cute!!!!
  14. macygray

    Happy birthday macy!

    Thank you everyone!! Yes It was a lovely day...very chilled out :) Just how I like it! x
  15. macygray

    Happy birthday macy!

    Awwww! Thank you very much! Halfway through just now! xxx
  16. macygray

    US visit!

    Haha, I would love to find one to go to..but lets see..
  17. macygray

    US visit!

    Hello everyone! Just want to leave a little post to tell you I am going to the US! New York for 10 days. My brother lives in NY, so we are going over as a surprise for my mum's 50th birthday. This month...I dont remember the exact dates but from the end of October until November 12th or so? Are...
  18. macygray

    It's a....

    Nice! Haha, I saw the ones on facebook! Im away ahead of you and Cassi haha
  19. macygray

    It's a....

    Grr! I knew there had to be new pictures of Cassi somewhere! And here they are! Shes a beautie, Ash...What colour are her eyes?
  20. macygray

    awkward family photos- chin style

    Hahaha, love it!!