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    Looking for the best prices on toys and chews!

    I've found decent length of shredder braid (20 or 30 feet) at etsy for less than $6.00 excluding shipping. I've also bought it at for a reasonable price. I found finger traps at Hobby Lobby. I don't remember the exact price but it was under $2.00 for a package of 10-12. I bought...
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    What do you do with your used Aspen Shavings?

    I use the aspen shavings & discarded hay as ground cover in a small planter bed but mostly I put it in the trash. The poops work great as fertilizer for house plants and in the outside planter boxes. It's all organic so I don't see why you couldn't add it to compost.
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    Wire bottom vs solid

    I'm another who doesn't like wire bottom cages. In addition to being a safety/health hazard (foot/toes caught & injured, wires causing sores on footpads) they are harder to keep clean. Scrubbing dried urine off wire mesh, no matter the size of openings, is a pain.
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    Hello from Redditch, England

    You have a handsome trio :)
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    Word Association

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    Do Chinchillas remember family?

    I use vinegar to clean the cages, a 50/50 mixture like you are using. Works great. As for Clorox I won't use it around any animal. The vinegar solution is a much safer choice, works without toxic fumes. But if you feel you must use bleach, use a very weak solution, rinse extremely well and...
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    Tradition no longer being made?!

    This is from a thread in Chin Diet and Nutrition / Brands of food and prices? looking to switch brands.
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    Narrow escape

    I've given metacam to my chins (short term use, a week or so after surgery or an injury) and didn't notice any negative side effects. I do know they were more comfortable and even ate more on their own.
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    If this was my chin I'd take him to another exotic vet. Like you I would want an x-ray to check for impaction or any other problems and to see how gassy he is.
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    I use Wal-Mart brand of infants' simethicone. It's dye free, no artificial flavors, no saccharin or alcohol and less expensive than Mylicon brand.
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    Feeding syringes

    I've gotten them from Wal-Mart and CVS. Go to the pharmacy and ask for oral syringes. When I was asked if they would be used for an adult or child I explained I had a sick "pocket pet" who needed assist feedings. Pharmacist at both stores gave me a couple of 10ml syringes.
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    Introducing Sunshine and Kiwi

    Very cute girls :)
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    Fuzzies kingdom sold out of hay !! Who else has good hay ?

    If a PetCo is close to you try American Pet Diner timothy hay, my picky eater has decided it's great. She's eating more of it than other brands I've tried. She likes the high-fiber, which is second cut. If your chin likes a softer hay get the gold, it's 3rd cut.
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    The Ferret Nation Club

    Chip, this thread, Fleece bedding? Advice/Suggestions? may some of your questions about using fleece.
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    Wood Suppliers

    I buy wood from Ronda's Chinchillas. She has several different kinds and our chins have been happy with all I've ordered for them.
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    Word Association

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    Clear fluid from genital area

    I'm so sorry you lost Tilly.
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    Clear fluid from genital area

    I'm so glad Tilly is getting better. Please keep us updated on her progress.
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    Clear fluid from genital area

    Take her to the vet asap. Had exactly what you're describing happen to one of our chins, she had pyometra (uterine infection). If it is pyometra she needs treatment as soon as possible.
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    How to reduce urine smell?

    I use Planet Petco Aspen Wood shavings from Petco, it absorbs well and I think it controls the urine smell better than pine shavings do. The Alphapet brand aspen shavings from Walmart also works well for us. I don't like the Great Choice brand of aspen shavings that Petsmart carries. The...