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  1. Tagna

    Oxbow food changing

    A while ago I rec'd an email from my Oxbow supplier. This is part of it: However, we will be transitioning our 5lb. Chinchilla food to a new 3lb. size to better align with the market as well as the feeding habits of chinchillas.
  2. Tagna

    Corneal ulcer

    The ulcer I dealt with responded quite well to the dog blood serum, within days there was a lot of improvement. It was a "last thing to try" because nothing else had worked. I have only dealt with that one eye ulcer but have dealt with eye infections.
  3. Tagna

    Corneal ulcer

    I had a chin with an ulcer that would not heal. The vet suggested using a serum from dog blood. They had used it with rabbits but never a chin but it worked!
  4. Tagna

    Rescue Chins being bred by Petting Zoo

    The petting zoo emailed me. They stressed to me that they are not breeding......but they have all the chins housed together. Apparently if you don't decide to breed, the chins won't. In my mind, males + females = breeding. Tunes, I agree and I told him what would happen. I don't think...
  5. Tagna

    Rescue Chins being bred by Petting Zoo

    I was as at event this weekend and was approached by someone who had 5 chins in a cage and was getting more shipped in from Calgary Zoo. They want to have all 7 in a cage together. Males and females. There was the original 2 and the rest are the offspring. They have males and females together...
  6. Tagna

    Question for those with Ferret Nation Cage

    Mine are 3.5" high. i get mine from:
  7. Tagna

    picked up some new tile for Rain today

    I actually have a tripod who lost a leg after breaking it on a ramp. I have 2 tripods in the rescue and both are very fast and normal when it comes to hopping around. I know some people have attached tiles to wood shelves so they are glued down tight.
  8. Tagna

    Can someone help?

    I have seen the prolapsed penis due to malo pain. I value Dawn's expertise with malo chins as it has helped me countless times.
  9. Tagna

    YOUR Brand?

    Oxbow is what I use and all the rescues get it too.
  10. Tagna

    Critter Nation Design Options

    I have a triple CN for one spoiled chin and it is so tall! The only con is that I am short and cleaning it takes a ladder! The chin loves to go up and down.
  11. Tagna

    Jinx and Jazmyn. Help with odor!!

    I find fleece liners do have an odour as I did try them when I owned 3 chins. I use aspen for all the chins as it is easier for me than liners would be. I do wipe the metal trays down with vinegar after I clean cages.
  12. Tagna

    Feeding CC

    I use a Lixit 10ml syringe.
  13. Tagna

    Regarding pellet change

    A lot of times I don't get any pellets with rescues and most come in with awful food. I put them on Oxbow right away with lots of hay. Last rescue that came in had a mix of every small animal food with apricots. Her poop was awful. Now she happily eats hers pellets and hay, this after being...
  14. Tagna

    When's the best time to adopt a chin from a breeder?

    I recently yook in a 19 year old rescue and she is a doll. Age doesn't matter with chins I find. As long as you have the time to bond on their terms!
  15. Tagna

    Food Bowl Question

    I use a midwest bowl for the chins that dump their dishes. I find some can get the dish out with the type that sits in the metal ring. This one I have yet to have a chin get the bowl off.
  16. Tagna

    Chin Rescues in NY state?

    Thanks! Had someone asking for my help.
  17. Tagna

    Chin Rescues in NY state?

    Are there any active chin rescues in New York state? Ones that are taking in surrenders?
  18. Tagna

    Silver Surfer

    It depends on the cage you put it in. I have one in a quality cage and find it loud as it really rattles the cage but in the ferret nation it is better and not as loud. That said, you can hear any wheel with a hard core runner!
  19. Tagna

    The Ferret Nation Club

    I am not a fan of the "no tool" ferret nations. The newer ones do have a better base than earlier no tool models but they still move compared to the 142 models. Conact Midwest and explain the problem.
  20. Tagna

    Chin Broken hip/leg bone

    I have 2 tripods here. One missing a back leg, the other a front. They are perfectly fine and act like normal chins. One was a broken leg and the other was loss of circulation that couldn't be fixed.