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  1. starleomach

    How to feed chin LifeLine?

    I mix it with thier suppliment or sprinkle it on the pellets
  2. starleomach

    Facebook Groups

    I tend to spend a lot of time on Facebook versus on forums. Since buying the Hummel herd though I haven't had much time for either
  3. starleomach


    Dawnna still makes lifeline, but she is on vacation right now. It should be back up soon
  4. starleomach


    I would say a High Quality standard male is the place to start. Does it matter what color you breed it to...Yes it matters based on what your breeding goal is. But a Standard male is Key to breeding right
  5. starleomach

    Who murdered who?

    I agree with the above, It was very likely the male
  6. starleomach

    When to separate kits??

    I separate at 8 weeks
  7. starleomach

    MCBA Michigan Show

    We will be there. Last week to arrange transport if you want any of my animals for sale
  8. starleomach

    Baby Chin born with no eyes?!

    I have heard of an issue that was more common years ago with kids born with extremely small or no eyes, I am trying to recall it, it was linked to a certain color or gene I believe a white??? someone help me :)... I thought for the most part it was bred out, I had one male born with a much...
  9. starleomach

    Chinchilla Basics 101

    I keep all the basics on my site. But you can lead a horse to water but can't make them drink
  10. starleomach

    Breeding white to mosaic?!

    Breeding two whites or two blacks will lead to the lethal factor, but the term is very very misleading. Lethal factor simply means those chinchillas with the homozygotic genes simple do not develop, the egg and the sperm are not compatable and there will be 25% less kits. The bigger issue is...
  11. starleomach

    ISO: Wilson White, Mosaic or Extreme Mosaic

    I have a few but I am they are a bit more than your limit. I have a white violet kit for 200 and two adults mosails one male one female , 100. Each. I do have a few others listed for 50.00 but they are not mosaics
  12. starleomach

    who would you rather have chin-sit?

    I go with a person I trust. When you are gone all needs to be done is feed water and watch temperature
  13. starleomach

    MCBA Nationals 2015

    I will be there :)
  14. starleomach


    What any breeder will tell you...the best sign of matings is you will find babies in the cage :)~ nipples weight gain all that and some willstill sneak by
  15. starleomach

    Help! Chin mom attacking her babies...

    could be kits fighting over her nipples maybe milk was slow?could be a lot of things I would foster them out if possible
  16. starleomach

    Baby Chin Not Growing... PLEASE HELP!

    just like anything chinchillas will have growth spurts and lulls. and some are just small animals if she is healthy and eating I would not worry about size
  17. starleomach

    How much do you feed your chin(s)?

    unlimited chinchillas do not over eat
  18. starleomach

    HELP!!! Bringing home our first chin on Sunday morning

    If you have the basics, feed, water, dust, hay and a cage everything else can wait until you are able to get an order in
  19. starleomach

    Scared/Stressed Chin... PLEASE HELP!!

    It will take a long time to gain her trust after all she went through