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  1. J


    Thanks everyone! I knew it was the right thing to do. They gave him the sedative and I couldn't tell the difference in his activity. He was pretty much gone anyways. Sucks but I know where he is waiting for me.
  2. J


    I was talking to my Aunt and I liked her response. If you are wondering if it is time, it is probably time. He was refusing food and wouldn't move. His breathing was so labored. I talked to the vet who said his lungs were still really harsh and that even if they threw all they had at him, he...
  3. J


    I have a two part question. 1. Has anyone had a chin come back from pneumonia? 2. When do you make the decision to end suffering? He didn't eat today. I tried force feeding him and it say in his mouth until it dribbled out. His breathing is really labored. He doesn't move and is pretty...
  4. J

    Got this Bizarre Email.....

    I don't know if you know any of the local police or whatnot but a call to them might help get you to the right people.
  5. J

    Corn Starch as alternative to dust?

    He wasn't quite sure what to do with it... So it looked like he started eating it... He didn't get much so he should be ok right?
  6. J

    Corn Starch as alternative to dust?

    I have no doubt that dust will work better! My stupid allergies have me sneezing for 20 minutes after I have to cuddle him to force feed him, put his eye drops in, and give him his Baytril... I am miserable twice a day now! Good times...
  7. J

    Daisy hurt her leg :(

    When Buddy hurt his leg (AKA jumped off my shoulder and landed on the floor...) we did the exact same thing that you are doing now. He was a bit more sleepy but if you think about it, you don't rest well when you are in pain do you? But take some tylenol or ibuprofen and you are going to make...
  8. J

    Corn Starch as alternative to dust?

    lol! My little black velvet love won't be so black. I hope it works!!!
  9. J

    Corn Starch as alternative to dust?

    Did you end up trying cornstarch? Just curious. Giving Buddy lots of lovings because he is sick and it is sure taking a toll on my allergies!
  10. J

    Just need happy thoughts

    The Vet thinks he has a UTI and an eye infection. I am going to completely disinfect his cage today. He is on Baytril and some eye drops I have to give twice a day... Hopefully he feels better in no time.
  11. J

    Just need happy thoughts

    AND I get to go to the vet with am 18 month old and a 6 year old...
  12. J

    Just need happy thoughts

    We are going to the vet today at 4:20 but I just need happy thoughts sent Buddy's way. His poop is smaller and a different color, his eye is gunky and swollen, he is really skittish this morning and I found blood in his cage... Ugh! My poor buddy! At least it seems like he is still chewing...
  13. J

    is chinchilla poo bad for you?

    My child gets the occasional chinchilla nugget and he is fine! SO just don't eat a ton of it and you should be OK.
  14. J

    Not eating

    His favorite treats used to be rose hips. Maybe that has changed. I woke up and all his food was gone so I guess he just wasn't hungry before. Just thought it was weird. Maybe he is finally used to the vacuum? Of course the night that I post asking to question, he eats all his food after...
  15. J

    Not eating

    I also just tried to offer rose hips and he wouldn't eat one. He did eat a little oatmeal but I didn't want to go overboard with it...
  16. J

    Not eating

    So I know I have been pretty much MIA for the past, oh, 16 months or so... Buddy isn't eating NEARLY as much as he should be. He hasn't gone through a scoop (A tablespoon or 2) or food in the past 2 days. Tried throwing some lifeline in there to entice him but no dice. He seems to be pooping...
  17. J

    Bath Dust/Sand

    What was your reaction?
  18. J

    Whose Birthday is 11/4/11?

    Thank you!!!! :thumbsup:
  19. J

    Very werid chinchilla

    Yep! The like to explore. My chin Buddy seems to want to use me as a jungle gym. It is fun!
  20. J

    Water issues?

    Just throwing in my 2 cents as a bad chin mommy. Since I have had the baby, I sometimes forget to check Buddy's water. When he is out of water, he also stops eating. So it could be a water problem... but what do I know. We use a Pur water filter. Good enough for the baby is good enough for...