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  1. Ash

    No more blue cloud

    It's a horse stall product. I was actually looking to find out if this is still recommended for use. Guess I just found my answer. Lol
  2. Ash

    It's been a while...

    Hi. It's been what seems like forever since I was last here, so I'm going to re-introduce myself to the many new members who've joined since I was last here, and hopefully some of the "oldies" remember me. My name is Ashley. I was one of the first members on this forum when it was made. I got...
  3. Ash

    Anyone else experienced something like this?

    Keith recently ordered stuff for the Jeep and one of the parts included in the kit was on backorder. They never told him, charged him full price, and it took 3 transfers when he called after receiving the kit to find out.
  4. Ash

    Rat Smell Question

    I got it pretty clean with a regular hose with the "jet" setting. It's just the friggin smell...
  5. Ash

    Rat Smell Question

    Thanks. I've scrubbed it down with vinegar water. I don't know how long it's been since it had a really good clean, though, so it reeks. I'm hoping I can get the smell to go away. It's a nice cage and I'd hate not to be able to use it due to the smell.
  6. Ash

    Rat Smell Question

    Yeah, it's too big to soak in the tub... not to mention, that'd stink up the house pretty badly... Lol
  7. Ash

    Rat Smell Question

    Hey guys, I have a question. I was planning on taking a cage my mom had used for rats and converting it to a cage for Cuda, my chin. For the rat owners out there. Do you know of anyone to get rid of the ratty smell from the cage? It's a powder coated Martin's cage with a plastic pan. Thanks guys.
  8. Ash

    Fat Chin...

    Chins come in all shapes and sizes. Some are naturally bigger, some are naturally smaller. I wouldn't worry as long as he acts and seems healthy and is on a good, healthy diet of pellets, hay, and water with minimal treats.
  9. Ash

    Has anyone ever used this cover for their fn?

    We hung up shower curtains on the wall.
  10. Ash

    New cage need opinions

    I also suggest if you aren't going to be using fleece liners for bedding, to order a custom sized pan that is deeper from
  11. Ash

    Two things I noticed

    Good to know, Sumi! Was just throwing that scenario out there though.
  12. Ash

    Two things I noticed

    Depending on the breeder, if it was truly someone who knows their chins, the eyes may not be teeth issues, but something else (blocked ducts, etc) that the breeder has already looked into, and they may have enterred it to try and get feedback on the animal itself, knowing it would get knocked...
  13. Ash

    Re-Introducing Myself

    That they do... I never imagined how much time I'd spend taking care of her between taking care of myself. Megan, I meant about their pedigrees, were you able to read it? Brit, I kept Cuda... He is the friendliest and calmest, so with a little one who will be soon walking near the cage and...
  14. Ash

    Re-Introducing Myself

    LOL! Shush Megan! Did you get that spreadsheet for the girls?
  15. Ash

    Unexpected Kit Arrival

    Mom and babies can't go back because the kits still need time to grow and get their bearings and such before being placed in a larger cage. Think of how goofy babies are, still learning how to do everything. The kits will face these same sorts of problems and need to be more steady before being...
  16. Ash

    Re-Introducing Myself

    Hey everyone. It's been crazy hectic since Cassi's been born and I haven't been around much so I figured I'd re-intro myself for the new people I haven't met yet, even though some of you follow me on Facebook. Things have changed drastically since we've had her. I cut back to one chin, not...
  17. Ash

    "The children were nestled all snug in their...

    Isn't that a synonym for "mom"?
  18. Ash

    how to stop chin from escaping?

    11 weeks if fine for a chin to be away from mom. Most breeders wean at 8 weeks... Other than that, I agree with most of Laurie's post. Let him settle in and give him time to adjust to his new home before allowing him out for playtime, and allow him to take this time to grow...
  19. Ash

    Prayers needed for a Christmas Miracle

    I'm so sorry to hear of everything going on, Britt. I hope you all can find peace quickly. Lots of hugs and prayers coming your way.
  20. Ash

    Finally "Growing up"

    We have a potential place lined up in the spring. A woman in my pharmacy overheard me talking about apartment shopping and stuff, and told me her sister has a house for rent, but her son is currently staying in it while he's finishing up school. It's a GORGEOUS 3 bedroom house with a finished...