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  1. Narcissus

    Sick chinchilla?

    If the chin isn't eating then you need to be force feeding critical care. Worry about switching feed and hay later. You need to get done good in this chins gut before you have full stasis.
  2. Narcissus

    Retrobulbar Mass?

    First, please don't limit his pellets. He won't get over weight on a healthy pellet. Did the xrays show root elongation? Csb you post the xrays here so our more medically savvy members can check them out??
  3. Narcissus

    Chinchilla losing hair around face

    Is the chin drooling? Where exactly on the face is it missing hair? No, teeth issues can not be cured. Maloculison can be treated, but in the end the chin suffers and must be put down. Root elogation can not be treated and is a very painful death. But generally missing fur on the face my...
  4. Narcissus

    Quality Cage Crafters

    Quality cage crafters is the same company as quality cage company. Just different owners. They make amazing cages that are wonderful for chinchillas.
  5. Narcissus

    MCBA West Coast show 2016

    Here is the show information! The address where the show will be held is: 5130 16th Ave SE Bellvue, WA 98006 Some hotels in the area are: Days Inn 3241 156th Ave Bellevue, WA $101 per night Not pet friendly Red Lion 11211 Main St Bellevue, WA $159 per night Yes pet friendly Larkspur...
  6. Narcissus

    MCBA West Coast show 2016

    SAVE THE DATE! September 10th 2016!! Get those chinnies dusted! More information to come!
  7. Narcissus

    Reputable breeder?

    A friend of mine is looking into getting a hedgie. I'm not sure the breeder is reputable. Is there anyone who would be able to help me find out if this breeder is reputable?
  8. Narcissus

    Chinchilla won't eat after dental

    You need to be hand feeding him at least 60 ml a day. He isn't going to want to eat on his own yet
  9. Narcissus

    Startling behavior, what is this!?

    Sounds like he was trying to assert dominace. It would be a normal behavior.
  10. Narcissus

    Just popped in from Meridian, Idaho .

    Hello fellow Idaho resident! Always good to see chinnie owners in idaho!
  11. Narcissus

    Teeth: Treatment vs. Quality of Life

    The kindest thing to do for this chin is to put him to sleep.
  12. Narcissus

    Can someone help?

    I have also seen issues with penis retention when a male is in pain. My last male surrender had severe bloat. His penis would not retract. Once I delt with the bloat, the penis went back to normal.
  13. Narcissus

    Multiple Paternity Questions

    I'm going to just put this out there... you obviously don't know a whole lot about breeding. And it isn't something you should do lightly. Possibly pregnant females should not be let out of cage for play time. It can be very dangerous to the kits in utero. Are your chin pedigreed? Did they come...
  14. Narcissus

    blood from anus

    Sounds like it could be the start of a rectal prolapse. If it were me I would definitely get him to a vet asap!
  15. Narcissus

    Bringing home a chinchilla from a breeder!

    What age will the chin be when you bring it home?
  16. Narcissus

    Multiple Paternity Questions

    Only the white male could have produced the white kit. So Aldo is the father. As far as multiple father's for a litter, it is possible. Chins do sometimes have dual pregnancies. But there is no way to be sure.
  17. Narcissus

    Change to west coast show

    How did it go? I was sad I couldn't come this time.
  18. Narcissus

    Chinchilla having multiple seizures

    If a chin is having seizures due to low blood sugar caused by out of cage play time then they shouldn't have out of cage play time at all. Check the front teeth, see the vet. A video helps the vet see what is going on.
  19. Narcissus

    Feeding syringes

    I get them for $0.35 at the store