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  1. Melissa

    Question about working for hotels

    It depends on a bunch of factors.. 1) How hard up are you for a job? 2) What caliber hotel is it? 3) What is their main market? 4) Regardless of any department, you will eventually have guest contact(positive and negative) and that takes a special type of personality. Do you have that? 5) Can...
  2. Melissa

    Whose Birthday is 9/4/12?

    So I totally had a dream that I posted my thank yous and realized today that it was just a dream. Thank you for the birthday wishes everyone.
  3. Melissa

    The Perfect Dog

    Within the first session, Koa has shown improvement! I also believe that the "collar" has made my boyfriend more comfortable and given him the "confidence" to work with them. He has been outside playing with them and they listen to us both again. I think it is similar to the placebo effect with...
  4. Melissa

    The Perfect Dog

    Has anyone ever heard or used "the perfect dog" to train their babies. Since my boyfriend moved in my dogs have been so bad. He is here with them more than I am so I bought it to help them all do well together. They are still wonderful with me but terrible when I am not around. Any thoughts on...
  5. Melissa

    Happy Birthday Laurie!!!!! xoxox

    Happy Birthday Laurie!!! I hope you have a WONDERFUL day! :HBcake:
  6. Melissa

    Anyone else struggling to lose weight? Weigh in (no pun intended lol)!

    I use an app called "Calorie Counter." i love it because I just scan the bar code on my food and it does the rest. It will also give you recipes in certain categories. Like right now I can have only 200 cal max per meal.. And they have a bunch of yummies to make on there! And they have the chain...
  7. Melissa

    wheel size

    Get an 11" wheel. The bucket wheel type wheels work best for our little ones. There are some users on here that sell them.
  8. Melissa

    Happy Birthday Nancy!!!

    Happy Birthday Nancy!!!!
  9. Melissa

    DIY Crafts

    Thanks! I cant wait to become addicted.
  10. Melissa

    Strange swelling - need advice

    Without a picture none of us can even begin to guess, as hedgehogs get all kinds of tumors/cycts/ingrowns/etc. If its something you are considering "emergency," I would consider an e-vet an not wait much longer. I doesnt sound as if it is, call today when the office opens and get an appointment...
  11. Melissa

    DIY Crafts

    I will have to check out this pintrest.. I have never heard of it. I just found this one on "Stumbleupon"
  12. Melissa

    DIY Crafts

    Annie, the cinder blocks planter is next on my project to do list if I can get the boy to let me use his truck..then lift all the heavy stuff.. LOL!
  13. Melissa

    DIY Crafts

    Thank Goodness for Stumbled Upon! I found this great site that I may have to put to use! I WANT TO DO IT ALL? Has anyone tried these? Any tips or tricks you would like to share?
  14. Melissa

    Animal Hoarding...really need help :(

    You say you cannot tell her these things? Part of being her friend is not sparing her feelings and letting her know that these things are effecting her life, in her home and out of it too. Good Luck.
  15. Melissa

    Who's Birthday is it 12/23/11??

    Happy birthday!!
  16. Melissa

    Dental Polishing/Sealant?

    I have never heard of it before. Sounds to me like a way to get in an extra charge. If your hedgehog is on crunchies(which I assume he is) then there is no cleaning or anything else necessary.
  17. Melissa

    Meet Digby!

    So far everything sounds good to me! He is just so cute! <3
  18. Melissa

    hedgehog mittens

    Too bad I dont know how to knit. I would love a pair!
  19. Melissa

    Hello there!

    Welcome to CnH!
  20. Melissa

    Coughing, Sneezing, What do I do?!

    I would suggest a vet visit if you are concerned they are sick. No one here can diagnose and treat over the internet. Most vets can work out a payment plan if need be.