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  1. tati121

    TRADITION Chinchilla Pellets

    I just PMed you Sandi!
  2. tati121

    TRADITION Chinchilla Pellets

    I'd like 8lbs of Tradition pellets Sandi! Please PP me at [email protected] :) Thanks!
  3. tati121

    TRADITION Chinchilla Pellets

    Hi Sandi! May I have 5lb of Tradition please? My paypal is [email protected], thanks! Tatiana
  4. tati121

    Appropriate age for a wheel?

    At what age is it considered safe to allow one's chin a wheel for fun and exercise? I was under the impression that it was best to wait until they were a year old in order for them to mature and grow properly without having to worry about possible curvature of the spine. Am I correct in...
  5. tati121

    I made these hay cookies, your opinion is greatly appreciated.

    I was wondering what I could possible do with my extra boba straws!! I'm going to try this tonight :)
  6. tati121


    Where did that bendy bridge come from?? Must. Have. One. Too!
  7. tati121

    *Waves Hello* (rambles inside)

    Welcome to CnH! :)
  8. tati121

    1st time Blue Diamonds shown at Empress show 2012 Heartland

    They're beautiful! I can't wait to see how this mutation continues to grow and develop!
  9. tati121

    Chin Newbie

    Welcome to CnH! You're going to learn so much here about your furry little love, it's gonna blow your mind (in a good way!)
  10. tati121


    Welcome to the forum! ;)
  11. tati121

    Picky Eaters

    Sometimes they don't show immediate interest but if you give it to them and leave it in their cage you might find that they do enjoy snacking on it throughout the day. At first I thought Watson didn't like the hay cubes because he would always drop them and run away when I gave them. But then as...
  12. tati121

    obsessed with technology. lol

    "Now how do I change it back to T9? This ABC nonsense is taking too long!"
  13. tati121

    Chinchilla is Barking/Chirping/Something

    Quiet to you is not quiet to a chinchilla. Maybe your foot brushed up against a plastic bag or your phone vibrated from a text message. They can and do pick up on the smallest things. Sometimes I'll call out to my chin really loud and he won't move a muscle but if a rattly car drives by and my...
  14. tati121

    The Center for Avian and Exotic Medicine (New York)

    Hi there! The CAEM is where Watson's vet is and they are pretty much the only chin-competent vet in the city. I've never boarded with them but I would trust them with Watson. Just so you know, before you can board with them they need to do a fecal float on your chin to make sure he's parasite...
  15. tati121

    Guess your Secret Santa 2011

    These are my oh so helpful clues: I love to read I have many pets I live on the east coast
  16. tati121

    Secret Santa 2011 Wishlist

    Dear Santa, Mommy wants to put me on the naughty list since I've taken a liking to flinging my poo at her but she always stops the scritches after like 5 minutes! But if you can find it in your heart to send me something I would very much like some nice crunchy stuff to chew on...I like...
  17. tati121

    I want more "accident" stories, tell me yours!

    This is exactly why I'm a part of CnH, where else can rodent poo falling out of one's undergarments be so commonplace!
  18. tati121

    Guess your Secret Santa 2011

    My first clue: I love to read. Not much better than the rest of you lot! Now where to begin...
  19. tati121

    I'm creating a monster

    Peas - STAT!
  20. tati121

    Best pellet for weight gain?

    Just wanted to post a quick update. Watson saw the vet shortly after the first post and everything checked out fine. Fecal float came back negative, no progression in his heart murmur, and nothing wrong with his teeth. Back then he was at 380 grams. I weighed him a few minutes ago and he's up...