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  1. VEEK

    This is how I get greeted every morning.

    Love it!! :hilarious::hilarious:
  2. VEEK

    My Chins at Playtime!

    Very Cute chins! :D Is that the blue Angry Bird?! (If not.. then yikes. I guess I play too much and am starting to see angry birds everywhere haha)
  3. VEEK

    Meet Herman!

    Awww! That picture of him sleeping in the tube is adorable :heart3:
  4. VEEK

    Anyone else play Frontierville?

    Roses! Help guys! I need 3 more neighbors to unlock all the roses :flowers: Me -->Victoria Ririe
  5. VEEK

    New Bed!

    Yes it is! :elf:
  6. VEEK

    Anyone else play Frontierville?

    Help! Need 1 new neighbor for some snow. Add Meeeee! :elf:
  7. VEEK

    Anyone else play Frontierville?

    Need more neighbors! Help! I need 2 more neighbors to unlock more kids Feel free to add me: Victoria Ririe or PM me w/your info :bliss:
  8. VEEK

    First Rosehips! YUM, YUM.

    Thanks everyone! :pumpkin:
  9. VEEK

    First Rosehips! YUM, YUM.

    And!! Meet Mr. Grey (who is also still nameless) He's not big on the bed usually, he prefers a cube house. But, I guess for some reason he felt it was best to enjoy his treat on the bed too
  10. VEEK

    First Rosehips! YUM, YUM.

    I bought some rosehips and little shreddies awhile ago and figured tonight after cleaning their cage - I'd give them their first treat! A rosehip tonight, we'll try their first shreddies next week! Here's Mr. Violet (who remains nameless still) enjoying his first treat. You may remember...
  11. VEEK

    Oh Shelly...

    I love these! Esp. the nose swipe one!
  12. VEEK

    New Bed!

    Thanks everyone! He's a definitely a cutie. I'll have to post more pics of him and his antics :)
  13. VEEK

    New Bed!

    Go ahead! :thumbsup:
  14. VEEK

    New Bed!

    I recently purchased a few items from Camphor Chins. My violet LOVES his new bed! Besides sleeping in it - I've caught him sleeping behind it and .. under it? Its an adorable little bed, I get excited in the morning to catch what position he's in. Thought I'd post a few pics of him :D
  15. VEEK

    Anyone else play Frontierville?

    Has anyone purchased a red crate? I got a red quail out of mine :thumbsup:
  16. VEEK


    Hey guys! I noticed there was a thread for Frontierville but not Farmville :pumpkin: You can never have too many neighbors, so let me know if you play & want to be neighbors! Also.. I just realized there were chinchillas on Farmville and I missed it :( Is there any way to get one now?
  17. VEEK

    Dirty Chin Spin

    I had the same problem! My mosaic peed inside the wheel within the first 2 days of buying it :( So, like yours - the wood is stained and it was definitely depressing. He did it twice and hasn't done it since, thank goodness but I ended up cleaning it out with vinegar & water also. The...
  18. VEEK

    A breath of fresh air?

    A comfortable temperature for a chin is between about 60-70 degrees. I would buy a thermometer for the basement ASAP - I bought mine at Walmart for $10. They also have one that measures both temperature & humidity. 55 degrees is too cold - so if your basement gets 30 degrees & lower.. move...
  19. VEEK

    ~tube for chins, recomended length?

    I have two tubes in my cage - One is 10 inches long which is what I think most owners use and the other is 14 inches long. I had bought a 24" inch piece and Home Depot only would make 1 cut for me :( My chins use both equally as much and may even like the 14" better so they can cuddle. I...
  20. VEEK

    Anyone else play Frontierville?

    Hey! Just noticed this thread & :heart3: Frontierville too! Feel free add me -Victoria Ririe