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  1. tunes

    Chinchilla Excessively Drooling

    Lumps on the jaw will not show up if the teeth on top are growing into her eye sockets. I didn't read everything you posted (sorry, at school!) but is it wet around her eyes at all? If it is, there is nothing that can clarify what is going on other than x-rays. Also, I have many chins that...
  2. tunes

    I have a 22 year old chin with eye problems

    Chins don't necessarily have allergies, but they can be sensitive to their dust. Is he eating and doing all things chin normally? At 22 I would be worried about his teeth if he had a combination of symptoms like eyes, wet chin or mouth, not eating well, etc.
  3. tunes

    Hay Cubes

    To be honest, many large breeders don't feed loose hay at all. If all you're seeing is waste with the loose hay, then use the cubes. If it was me, I would offer the loose hay every once in a while and the hay cubes more often.
  4. tunes

    Hello from Shetland

    Welcome Dee! I don't think the humidity is going to be a huge issue as long as you can keep it cool where they are. Lots of people have their chins in the lower states here, where humidity is awful, and they do fine.
  5. tunes

    Mr. Minato goes to Heaven❤️

    I am so sorry for your loss. I know all too well what it's like to lose these little guys and it is heartwrenching. 💔
  6. tunes

    Injured Hind Paw

    First, if they are just x-raying his foot, they should be able to adequately restrain him without resorting to anesthesia. Tell them to put in a burrito wrap with his foot outside of the bottom. He may struggle a little bit, but they generally settle down pretty quickly. Second, have you...
  7. tunes


    Dislikes: Most people, being touched Chico and I are kindred spirits. :)
  8. tunes

    Been gone for a longer time than I expected...

    Yep, Empress and MCBA are still out there. :)
  9. tunes

    Chinsafe Toy

    Usually stuff from Oxbow is safe, but it's a little concerning to me that I can't see what type of wood it is. Am I missing it somewhere?
  10. tunes

    Hello from New England!

    Welcome! Your chin is a cutie!
  11. tunes

    My baby’s Marley and Gypsy

    Very cute!
  12. tunes

    The whole lot likes to say hi!

    Welcome to you and your herd!
  13. tunes

    HELP. Advice on unsupervised birth.

    Chins will sometimes lose kits if it's their first pregnancy or the kit may not have been healthy or developed enough to survive outside of mom. You'll know pretty quickly if there are issues with a retained kit. She would have discharge, possibly a bad smell, she wouldn't be acting normally...
  14. tunes

    New chinchilla quarantine question

    A proper quarantine should have them be in completely separate rooms. If they are in the same room, even a sneeze can spread to the other cage. Whether they physically interact or not doesn't always matter. Many things are airborne.
  15. tunes

    What is your experience with trimming chins whiskers?

    I always trim whiskers when I put chins together, but I trim both chins, not just one. It doesn't hurt them and I have noticed no difference in balance or confidence in any of the chins I've trimmed (I've trimmed 100s). The only thing I've noticed is less aggression, however, I'm not sure it...
  16. tunes

    Severe eye swelling - any advice

    Thank you. She passed away about two weeks after surgery.
  17. tunes

    Little Orichiku sittin' on my head. That's all

    That's a strange-looking hat you've got there. :)
  18. tunes

    Severe eye swelling - any advice

    I did not resolve it. The eye burst, I had the eye removed, and she later passed away. Malo does not have a good prognosis, no matter what is done. I'm sorry. If the eye did burst from malo, that means her teeth grew through the eye socket and ruptured the eye. Now that the eye is gone...
  19. tunes

    New member

    Depends on whether you like soft and fuzzy that you may or may not be able to hold or whether you like pointy and sharp that you may or may not be able to hold. :) Welcome! There's lots to learn about either of them!
  20. tunes


    What are you giving her antibiotics for? A good all-around antibiotic is Trimethoprim sulfa. The most worrisome problem that might happen is they may drink less, though I've never had this happen to me before.