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  1. rutherford

    Free Ferret Nation Deluxe + Accessories

    Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I posted here, so I'm not sure if this is the right place. I recently lost my 12yo chinchilla, Rutherford. We don't plan on getting another chinchilla, so I'm looking to donate his two-story Ferret Nation. I upgraded his cage maybe about 5 years ago, so...
  2. rutherford

    Fur Real?

    lint roller! what a great idea! rutherford is shedding so much, every time i go and kiss him, i get a face full of fur!
  3. rutherford

    Grinding teeth while drinking.

    Hmm, Rutherford does that too... and I'm not sure why. I've taken him to the vet about two times now, and the vet has declared him a healthy growing boy. I've gotten used to his drinking and grinding.
  4. rutherford

    Chins learning behaviors from another chin

    Sigh, Rutherford exhibits the same frustrating behavior. It's very annoying... I've had to buy new fleece liners just to curb him from digging underneath the liners and flinging everything everywhere. For him, weighing things down does not deter him at all. He's gotten into the habit of...
  5. rutherford

    The Christine's (Twilight Chins) Creative Mind Fan Club Thread!

    oh, okay, thanks for the info! perhaps i'll make a trip to walmart or something after work... rutherford has been threatening to jump over the playpen since the day he was able to do a hoppity-hop onto the rails and peek over the playpen. stinker he is.
  6. rutherford

    New CN :)

    haha so true. thank goodness my girlfriend helped me... it would've been hard if there wasn't someone there to hold the pieces together while you're hammering away or trying to push the pieces together.
  7. rutherford

    The Christine's (Twilight Chins) Creative Mind Fan Club Thread!

    may i ask where you bought the black metal panels? that's a really smart idea... rutherford is now a big boy, and can hop over his playpen if he's really naughty. which is like 95% of the time.
  8. rutherford

    hand vacuums

    First of all, thanks for all the suggestions and links! I ended up going with the black & decker on amazon, fourchinsmom! So far, not disappointed at all! Very powerful! Rutherford gets a bit freaked out by the sound, but it doesn't stop him from wanting to get his nosie vacuumed haha
  9. rutherford

    Neutered boys

    i usually try to loosen the hair ring by rubbing gently on the hair ring, then when it's loose enough, i just pull it off. rutherford has been really good about hair ring checks; no fuss! i wouldn't risk snipping the hair ring in case your chinchilla flinch or something! don't want to snip off...
  10. rutherford

    hand vacuums

    that's exactly what my previous roommate's vacuum did to all the poops and shavings! i thought i was imagining things... having the poops and shavings multiply right after i vacuumed!
  11. rutherford

    hand vacuums

    yeah, the hay clogs up my roommate's vacuum, so i stopped using the vacuum to clean up rutherford's mess. i looked this up on amazon, and judging from the reviews, this looks plenty promising! i like that the head is narrow, but still wide enough to pick up poops and the mess from hay cubes...
  12. rutherford

    hand vacuums

    and as the descriptions say, does it really convert to a handheld device easily? fortunately, his poopies actually doesn't make it to the floor since i've changed from a quality cage company cage to a critter nation. but sweeping the poopies inside the cage continues to be an ongoing battle.
  13. rutherford

    hand vacuums

    hi there, i'm wondering what brand/type of hand vacuums do you use to suck up all the poop inside your chinchilla's cage? i've been meaning to purchase one, especially now that i've received a gift card from amazon after selling my textbooks. right now, i sweep with a brush and a pan, and it's...
  14. rutherford

    Possibly adopting a 9 year old chin

    awww, he's such a sweetheart!
  15. rutherford

    Breaking whiskers. ):

    have you taken chester to the vet? i apologize for not having more insight into this matter, and i do hope chester is okay!
  16. rutherford

    What are your chin's crazy nicknames

    ahahaha rutherford is also a big boy at times! like when he comes over to me when i call out his name haha otherwise, my gf calls him waffles, my mom calls him fatso, and my sister calls him fatty ahahahahahahahaha for me, i call him chub-chub <3
  17. rutherford

    SHH... The Chins are Sleeping

    they all look so cute when they're asleep! here's a few pics of when rutherford was still just a few months old! i love the pic of him falling asleep in front of his food bowl... must be exhausting, eating all those pellets!
  18. rutherford

    Possibly adopting a 9 year old chin

    look at his sweet face and those beautiful eyes! congrats on bringing him home!
  19. rutherford

    Does my chin hate his cuddle buddy?

    haha rutherford was extremely rough with the hedgehog cuddle buddy you're referring to. he 'loved' it so much, it's now missing an arm, a leg, and 90% of his nose is missing. poor hedgie... he never stood a chance.
  20. rutherford


    aww, rutherford does the same! he always tries to groom me back after i gave him scritches <3